15 times Brian genuinely cared for Narda in “Mars Ravelo’s Darna”

“Babaeng ‘to, palagi na lang ako pinag-aalala, hindi ko naman girlfriend,” Brian (Joshua Garcia) thought about Narda (Jane De Leon). Then, he would justify his concern as part of his natural instinct as a cop. We bet you enjoy watching how cute and sweet he gets when worried about her, which is why in this Kapamilya Toplist, we collated the ‘kilig’ scenes showing Brian’s genuine care for Narda in Mars Ravelo’s Darna series.

The video opens with their unexpected reunion. In this scene, Brian arrests the thief that Narda tried to catch. He remembered she was the girl who saved him from the bullies in high school, then told her to veer away from trouble.

They became friends and grew closer. Brian noticed Narda is always present in troubles across Nueva Esperanza, which is why he keeps on reminding her to look out for herself. But, of course, Narda’s fire can’t be tamed. One time, she followed Strength Man (Jerald Napoles) inside a bank establishment despite Brian’s warning.

In the middle of a rescue operation during an earthquake, Brian noticed that Narda went missing again. His friends from the Vanguardia Rescue Team said there’s nothing new about that. He felt relieved when Narda finally showed up unharmed. The little awkwardness turned into a cute bickering moment. She teased him for acting like a boyfriend, to which he had a violent reaction. Then he volunteered to drive her home.

Brian worried a lot when Narda failed to report after news about her ‘stalker’ spread across their workplace. He drove to her house but she wasn’t there. He waited a little longer. Then, he failed to control himself from embracing her, relieved that she is finally home. Narda’s neighbors squealed in ‘kilig’ while the two swapped witty one-liners.

Although in denial, Brian has his ways of expressing his concern. He tells her to avoid walking alone at night. To be sure, he would drive her home every chance he gets. Sometimes he’d join her family for dinner as Lola Berta (Rio Locsin) requests.

He also shows genuine care by listening to her patiently. In a scene, she opened up about missing her mom, Leonor (Iza Calzado), and feeling like she’s seeing her ghost. Her other friends found it silly, but for Brian, he’d be all ears whatever she talks about.

He prioritizes her safety above his own. There was a scene where, out of concern, he followed Narda to Javier (Dominic Ochoa)’s hideout. Narda just finished helping Javier’s wife give birth. Much to her surprise and relief, Brian appeared behind her.

His instinct works naturally when it comes to Narda. Listening to his hunches, he was able to rescue her again from a group of abductors, although he didn’t know Narda was actually the one who saved the victims by transforming into Darna.

There are times when his concern is mixed with jealousy. We’re not complaining, though, because a little possessiveness from Brian is cute. In a scene, he learned that Narda let a stranger drive her home. And according to Lola Berta, this guy named Noah (Paolo Gumabao) is good-looking. Brian asked Narda’s opinion about this and smiled when she said he’s definitely more handsome than Noah.

He makes time for her no matter how busy he is, or even when he’s in the middle of an important meeting. There was a scene where Brian kept on checking his phone in front of Regina (Janella Salvador), hoping to receive a message from Narda. In the next scene, he texted her before sleep and asked if there is anything he has to be concerned about.

In the last scene, he told her to step out of the police investigations about the new ‘extra’ in Nueva Esperanza because she’s a civilian. He also said she’s not Darna who can save herself. Narda turned her back and whispered to herself, “Akala mo lang.”

Isn’t Brian’s ‘concern’ a sign of falling in love with Narda? Don’t miss an episode of Mars Ravelo’s Darna, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.