15 scenes that show Noah’s desperate admiration for Narda in Mars Ravelo’s Darna

When Noah (Paolo Gumabao) saw Narda (Jane De Leon) for the first time, he was instantly mesmerized by her beauty, strength, and kindness.  However, the strong attraction is slowly turning into an obsession, shown in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from Mars Ravelo’s Darna.

We totally get why Noah got interested in Narda after watching her heroic save on TV. The woman is extraordinary even in her human form. Thus, he thought of pursuing her, which was quite a challenge in the beginning since Narda isn’t easy to get. He made do with just staring at her from afar during Mayor Zaldy (Simon Ibarra)’s community service where Narda’s team are volunteers.

Noah also had a difficult time convincing Narda to let him drive her and Ding (Zaijian Jaranilla) home at night. He said he’s concerned about the siblings’ safety since the Extras have been attacking a lot lately. Narda eventually gave in.

He started to keep tabs on her since, leading to the habit of watching Narda and Mara (Joj Agpangan)’s online live selling every chance he gets. Amid his dysfunctional relationship with his father, Noah finds calm in seeing Narda even just virtually. She has become his escape.

Noah has fallen in love, hence the urge to make a move. He ordered 500 pieces of shirts during Narda and Mara’s live selling, hiding behind a secret identity online. Then, he requested Narda to deliver the items personally. His attempt to get near her was a total disaster. Narda wasn’t impressed. It just made her think of him as an arrogant man who uses his status as the mayor's son as a free pass to scheme other people.

Bent on winning his crush’s attention, Noah asked his friend and Narda’s teammate Andre (Young JV) to act as his wingman. Andre begged off at first but he seems indebted to him. Besides, he knew Noah is dead serious when the latter said Narda might be the girl who can fix him. Then again, she was appalled by Noah’s actions.

In the next scene, however, Narda realized Noah’s horrible relationship with his father. She heard about it from Andre. She also witnessed it herself passing by Noah’s hospital room. Listening to her instinct to save other people, Narda made a way to stop Mayor Zaldy from berating his son, who’s still recovering from a motorcycle accident. Noah, therefore, had the chance to talk to Narda. He thanked her for rescuing him from the accident site. He also apologized for coming off as arrogant, saying he just wanted to befriend her, and finally, he did.

It’s worth noting how the bull-headed Noah turned soft in front of the girl he likes. However, his dangerous side showed up upon catching Narda sharing a light-hearted moment with his longtime rival, Brian (Joshua Garcia). Noah’s jealousy would trigger his violent tendencies. 

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