15 heartwarming scenes in “Darna” that prove how much siblings Narda and Ding love each other

Narda (Jane De Leon) is here to save the day. But she’s not able to do it on her own. Since even superheroes need help too, she has her support and sidekick in the wings, who is none other than her younger brother Ding (Zaijian Jaranilla). And more than their superhuman abilities, their strong love for each other makes them the best team.

Kapamilya Toplist rounded up Narda and Ding’s sweetest sibling moments in Mars Ravelo’s Darna that will surely warm your hearts.

Isn’t your sibling the best ‘asaran’ buddy? The teleserye’s opening scene showed the Custodio family’s dynamic. The bro-sis tandem had an amusing banter after Narda’s training with their mom Leonor (Iza Calzado). At home, Lola Berta (Rio Locsin) witnessed more light-hearted moments shared between her beloved grandchildren. Narda tripped off but was able to catch the utensils. Ding was impressed, which proves he’s always been his sister’s number one fan. 

Although Narda says she’s tired of listening to Ding’s impossible stories about aliens, she supports his interests. It’s adorable how they do everything together, even kissing their mom before leaving for school. Narda on the left cheek, Ding on the other.

When Leonor died while trying to fight the extras, Narda took charge of the family. She first saved her wounded brother and delivered the bad news about Leonor’s death to Lola Berta. She raised Ding since. It is said that sacrifice is the greatest form of love. Narda sacrificed her dreams and put her future on hold to prioritize that of her brother. She works hard to provide for Ding’s tuition fee. Apart from her work as a medic and rescue officer, she also takes side hustles like online selling with her best friend Mara (Joj Agpangan).

It’s an instinct for Narda to protect other people, let alone if it’s family. In a scene, she rushed to the police station upon learning that Ding was busted for carrying a parcel that he didn’t know contains illegal items. She hushed his fear, saying she believes him and promised to get him out of there with Brian (Joshua Garcia)’s help. Aren’t siblings the first people to defend us?

She wants to teach him good values such as humility. In a scene, she teased him for his closeness with Master Klaudio (Joko Diaz), who they didn’t know is a villain. Ding says Master Klaudio got mad for his stubbornness. Ate Narda told him that apology is the easiest cure for misunderstandings.

Ding feels blessed to have Narda as a sister. But knowing she’s the “Babaeng Lumilipad” has made him even prouder. Narda transformed into Darna in front of Ding to save him from Master Klaudio. Then, she took him on flight. While up in the air, Ding couldn’t hide his happiness. He shouted, “Ate ko si Darna” with so much pride.

Narda made her first public appearance as Darna to stop a suicide bomber. In their usual conversation before sleep, Ding says he felt so proud seeing Narda save the people in her full superhero form. If only he could, he wanted to tell everyone that he is Darna’s brother.

The tandem knows how to balance each other. When one is scared, the other must be strong. Sometimes Narda feels reluctant about being the magical white stone’s ‘chosen one', especially after her terrifying encounter with Valentina (Janella Salvador). In such moments, Ding would give Narda words of encouragement. He believes his sister is the most powerful out there. He says no enemy will match her skills, more so her heart. He says Narda’s pure intention to help and save makes her the best. “Sidekick mo ako,” he told her, meaning he will stick around however difficult her mission is. He lets her know that everything will turn out okay.

Ding wants his Ate Narda to fly high and embrace her destiny. And, as for us viewers, it's always heartwarming to see siblings as affectionate as them.

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