Darna vs Valentina Toplist

Fantastic action happens whenever Darna (Jane de Leon) and Valentina (Janella Salvador) cross paths in Nueva Esperanza, with so many superpowers coming into play. Their recent encounters have especially been more skilfully choreographed and technically challenging. Check them out via this Kapamilya Toplist from Mars Ravelo’s Darna,.

Looking back, the rivalry between Darna and Valentina had always been a personal matter like when they had opposing views about the Extras. This led to a clash in the same building where they hold their day jobs as Narda and Regina, respectively, at the Vanguardia Rescue. In the scene, as Valentina’s minions smothered Boy Chop-Chop (Henz Villaraiz), Darna showed her power move by clutching Valentina’s snake tentacles until she lets go of the X-Triad member.

With her narcissistic mentality, Valentina tried to steal the spotlight from the hero of Nueva Esperanza, exalting herself as the better fighter with a more noble intention, which is to revive peace by killing the other Extras. But there was a confrontation scene in a warehouse where Darna said she has no time for the Serpent Queen before flying off. With her enemy showing no interest in her, Valentina erupted into full-blown beast mode. 

The succeeding confrontation in the forest shows Darna knocking Valentina down with just one punch and then going on to save lives because, again, she chooses her battle. 

Valentina, however, is so unstoppable she invites herself to situations like gatecrashing at a party hosted by Rodriguez, Regina’s rival in court. She launched her minions – two large snakes, which Darna was able to clutch until the snake woman loses stance. It was an intelligent move from Darna to overcome Valentina using the latter’s snake tentacles. However, the villainess managed to escape. 

Then, the inevitable happened. Triggered by jealousy, Regina accidentally revealed her demonic alter-ego in front of a crowd at the Nueva Esperanza Charity Ball. While we thought Darna would mellow down for friendship’s sake, she was surprisingly more determined to fight to oust the villain from Regina’s body. 

At that point, the snake was finally out, and eager to slither into her enemy’s territory. Valentina still believes she’s the greater hero, or that she is the only hero. In an encounter, she criticized Darna for being self-righteous and protector of the real villains, the Extras. Darna didn’t want to waste time by hearing out her rival’s angry chatter. Instead, she grabbed a chain using her super speed ability and shackled Valentina to a panel until the cops arrive. 

The fight involving Brian (Joshua Garcia) was a personal matter between them. Valentina attempts to kill Brian by throttling him with her snakes. Darna came to the rescue. The serpent woman gets the upper hand in the beginning since Darna took the time to check on Brian. Yet, Planet Marte’s warrior regained momentum and fought back violently Valentina was forced to back off. 

When we talk about their badass brawls, we can’t leave out the mid-air clash after Darna saved Nueva Esperanza’s acting mayor from Valentina’s attack. They go into battle mode up in the air until one of them falls. The fight continues, with Darna’s superb moves blocking Valentina’s venom while the cops throw a barrage of bullets. The action was well done, as is the acting of everyone in that scene. 

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