Jane de Leon’s badass action scenes

As one of the most iconic superhero stories in Pinoy pop culture, Mars Ravelo’s Darna is jam-packed with exciting elements that fans look forward to, one of which is the heart-stopping action. 

Ahead of her flight in a sexy red suit, Jane De Leon first teased viewers with her action prowess by fighting in a Black Ops uniform as the badass Captain Lia Mante in the recently concluded longest-running teleserye FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Jane will serve her audience with fearless and heroic action sequences in the newest Kapamilya series – because Cardo Dalisay trained her well. 

Let Kapamilya Timelist transport you back to Jane’s appearance in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano where she first showcased her action-drama prowess. The video opens with Jane’s entrance in the series as one of the commandants of elite police force Black Ops tasked to capture Cardo (Coco Martin) and Task Force Agila. Lia positioned herself as a sniper, then, engaged in the crossfire. This would spark a record-breaking streak for the series during the pandemic. 

Jane went on a solo mission to hunt the strongest Agila. She kept a close watch on him overnight in a motel. Things were slow-paced at first as she carefully tried to catch him in his room only to discover that the target managed to sneak out of the back doors, leading to a heart-stopping chase scene that netizens playfully dubbed an infinite gun battle. Lia was badly shot, giving Cardo enough chances to escape but not without taking her as a hostage.

The two developed an unlikely bond in the series and the next thing we knew they were fighting as a tandem. Jane and Coco’s ‘collab’ was one of the most unforgettable alliances in the show. Not only did they complement each other’s battle skills, but they also looked good together. 
They stunned everyone with an epic showdown against a group of men targeting their hiding place.  There was a lack of dialogue – no talks, just pure action delivered in an engrossing choreography. Cardo swerved bullets while swinging from the vines. Lia joined the battle – in her white dress. 

The next clip is from another record-breaking episode titled "Kapit," highlighting an intense skirmish between Task Force Agila and Renato (John Arcilla)’s battalion. Lia lent the Agilas her badass gun-fighting skills as they faced a life-and-death battle. Coco and Jane defined ‘astig’ as they hid behind a tree, waiting for the perfect time to emerge from opposing sides and fire at the enemies. 

To mark a historic exit, Jane unleashed her female angst in one of the most enthralling action scenes we’ve seen in the series. Cardo and Lia together with Task Force Agila attacked Vera (Simon Ibarra)’s construction site to avenge Audrey (Aya Fernandez)’s death. When Vera was about to escape, Lia operated a crane while Cardo hung by its hook and fired a barrage of bullets. The power tandem cornered Vera and served him his comeuppance.

If these scenes thrilled you to bits, let Jane give you more as Planet Marte’s woman warrior, Darna, in Mars Ravelo’s Darna, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.