Trending scenes from Mars Ravelo’s Darna that celebrate DarLentina’s warm friendship

As they continue to confide in each other amid their secret battles, Narda (Jane de Leon) and Regina (Janella Salvador)’s friendship evolves into BFF level, much to the delight of DarLentina fans. Apart from their refreshing ‘chemistry’, they also inspire us to dream of platonic relationships as authentic, thoughtful, and strong as what they have.  

Check out their trending BFF moments in Mars Ravelo’s Darna via this Kapamilya Update.  

Just on their first encounter as teens, wherein Narda ‘saved’ Regina from jumping off a cliff, they already had an instant connection as they find each other at their darkest moment. Regina said she doesn’t intend to die, rather just thinking through the overwhelming events in her life. Narda felt the same, grieving her mother’s death, and reluctant to commit to heroic responsibilities as Darna’s successor. That’s why they made a pact to pull each other out of the gloom, oblivious to a deeper destiny that binds them. 

They grew up having the same inspiration, Narda’s mother, Leonor (Iza Calzado). Regina strives to maintain justice and order in Nueva Esperanza through her works as a lawyer and founder of Vanguardia Rescue, thanks to Leonor’s legacy. However, her father, Rex (Richard Quan), makes her feel like she’s never good enough. Regina would confide in Narda since no one knows how awful her life is behind her intimidating front. 

She found a good companion in Narda, who absorbs all her pain and sadness and does not complain. The world may be harsh but she feels better knowing that Narda believes in her. 

Sharing the same motivation to uplift other people, Narda and Regina can do so much as a team. However, the latter’s fate inevitably unfolds. She transformed into Valentina without her knowing. Now it’s Regina’s turn to shower her friend with comfort. She told her to just look into her eyes everytime images of the Babaeng Ahas haunt her. 

At times, how we fix misunderstandings proves the level of relationship we share with the person. That’s why Narda and Regina were glad to have survived their first major fight, which was caused by the latter's failure to control her anger. 

Not even a boy can come between them, at least for now. Although Brian (Joshua Garcia) has the potential to break the two apart, he surprisingly united them when he was rushed to the hospital after an encounter with the extras. Narda and Regina put their feelings on hold to be there for their common friend.  

It’s heartwarming how they support each other in times of need, such as when Regina had a depressive breakdown due to hearing evil voices in her head. Narda checked on Regina, who was struggling with her condition. She would become her solace. 

It’s sure going to be heartbreaking when they find out they’re fated to become enemies. 

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