Why Jane de Leon is perfect for Darna

Expectations are high for actresses taking on the role of Darna. The superheroine is one of the most iconic comic book heroes locally, so bringing her to life is a big responsibility. Not just anyone can be worthy of being Darna.

When ABS-CBN booted a new series adaptation of the Mars Ravelo comics, they searched far and wide for the next Darna. Hundreds of auditions were held and almost every potential candidate was examined. Soon enough, Jane de Leon emerged — the cream of the crop.

Darna Jane De Leon

It has been three years since it was announced that Jane will be this generation’s Darna, but the young actress still continues to prove that she’s deserving of the white magical stone. If we were to narrow it down to five reasons, here’s why Jane is destined for the role of Darna.


  1. She’s beautiful inside and out just like the superheroine.


It’s obvious from the comic book art that Darna’s a strong and beautiful woman. Her physique and beauty is unmatched, so the actress that will play her must look the part.

Jane De Leon
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Jane is already naturally beautiful, but she was determined to work for the body to match it. Prior to doing her audition, Jane doubly prepared for the role by seriously conditioning her body strength. And when she got the role, she geared up her training and began working out five times a week.

Jane De Leon
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Aside from having the look, Jane also has a kind-hearted personality. Similar to Darna, she cares for others and thinks of them before herself. In the past years, she donated the proceeds of her 2019 special award To Bantay Bata 163 and handed out relief goods to the needy amid the pandemic.

Jane's family likewise considers her a hero because of her selflesness and generosity. In an episode of Magandang Buhay, her cousin Kuya Bong revealed that he received a small business from Jane as help.


  1. She believes that a pure heart is what makes a hero.


In a fast talk on Tonight With Boy Abunda, host Boy Abunda asked Jane, “What makes someone a ‘hero’?” To this, Jane quickly answered, “Pure heart.”

While some may view being a hero to have super strength or great influence, for Jane, a sincere and honest heart to serve should come first. With this kind of thinking, she is able to remain humble and recognize that anyone can become a hero in their own way.

Jane De Leon as Darna

In the Darna mural unveiling, she shared, “We offer this to our real-life heroes who prove in their own little ways that there is a hero in all of us, that we can always find Darna in everyone.”



  1. She’s proven that she shines in action-fueled and intense scenes.

Jane has been just been in the acting industry for 8 years, but she’s already shown her skill in both dramatic and action-packed shows.

In 2018, Jane portrayed Maggie in the heated romantic drama Halik. As the sister of Lino (Jericho Rosales) who is involved in a complicated love triangle, she was always getting involved in clashes with her brother’s relationships. It was clear to viewers of this series that Jane knew how to ignite the right emotions in a scene.

Jane De Leon

As her talent got noticed more, she was offered the role of Lia in the coveted action series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Not only was she immersed in heavily dramatic scenes, but she was also exposed to stunts and fighting. People couldn’t help but applaud Jane for her brilliant portrayal.


  1. She nails the iconic shout of “Darna!”


Darna is widely popular for shouting her name when she transforms into her supernatural self. It’s really one of the telling signs if a person can get the role. The shout has to be powerful and moving, much like the character.

In a Hotspot Exclusive interview, Jane revealed that they were tasked to do the shout during auditions. It was something she practiced over and over. Even when she got the role, she made sure to prepare.

In the Darna teaser and trailer, we finally got to officially hear it. Her powerful shout of “Darna!” brings chills to the bones, as expected from an actress perfectly suited to the role.


  1. The Ravelo family approves of her skill and dedication.


While Darna creator Mars Ravelo will not see the flight of this new and modern Darna portrayed by Jane, his family will do it for him. The Ravelo family is also included in the creative decisions of this ABS-CBN series to ensure that the adaptation is close to what Mars Ravelo would have wanted.

The choice of Jane as Darna is also greatly approved by them. When Mars Ravelo’s son Rex finally met Jane in person, he said “we are very, very happy to meet her in person kasi talagang bagay siya as Darna.” They also commend her talent as an artist and her 100% dedication to the role.



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Witness Jane bring justice to the role, as she takes flight in the series Mars Ravelo’s Darna, premiering on August 15 on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, TV5, Kapamilya Online Live, and iWantTFC.