Netizens React To Darna’s Full Trailer

Netizens are stoked over the full trailer of “Darna: The TV Series” which presents the iconic woman warrior in an entirely new vision that is strikingly modern.



Albeit unassuming, Narda, Darna’s human alter-ego, is seen in the trailer as a skilled high school student who protects her friends from bullies. This alone provides a new breed of storytelling in the journey of the iconic Pinay amazon. To recall, the Nardas before were mostly depicted as weaklings. But Jane De Leon, the Narda now, is badass even without the magical stone, as netizens noted.





The trailer offered a glimpse into Narda’s training with her mom Leonor (Iza Calzado), the prime Darna from Planet Marte. Leonor has a sweet relationship with her kids Narda and Ding (Zaijian Jaranilla) but it is threatened by the arrival of the ‘extras’ or the villainous creatures invading the earth, which signals Leonor to start shaping Narda into the next protector of the stone.

The jaw-dropping, Hollywood-level visual effects and fight scenes received praises from netizens. Everyone’s left amazed over ABS-CBN producing a world-class teleserye despite the hurdles surrounding them.  







Iza likewise became a hot topic on Twitter for her fierce and seamless portrayal of the original Darna.





Narda witnesses her mother die fighting the ‘extras.’ Then, we meet Narda as a medic volunteer, who seemingly chose to forget her fated superhero identity, until the white stone gets its way and calls her back. It’s worth noting how the series painted Narda with the resilience and empathy that resemble today’s heroes – the Filipino frontliners.

Adding thrill to the three-minute video is the appearance of Regina, the human form of Darna’s ultimate villain Valentina, played by Janella Salvador. Netizens are hypnotized just by Janella’s glaring eyes and the scene showing her hands moving rhythmically to the hissing sound of snakes in the background.





We also got a glimpse of Joshua Garcia as Police Officer Brian Robles, and we can’t wait to see more of his ‘overheating’ presence in the show! 

The trailer, which garnered a million views across social media platforms in less than three hours, ends by keeping its biggest reveal under wraps – Narda’s ultimate transformation into Darna.

Everyone is excited to see our new-gen Darna donning the superheroine's iconic red fight suit. See more Twitter reactions here:











Watch out for Darna’s flight this August.