"Dance Kids" premiere soars high in TV ratings
Viewers nationwide tuned in to the premiere of “Dance Kids,” as they watched the first batch of dance artists take the stage and try to impress the program’s Dance Masters Georcelle Dapat-Sy, Andy Alviz, and Vhong Navarro.

Based on data from Kantar Media, Philippine TV’s first-ever dance competition for kids hit a national TV rating of 32.4% last Saturday (Nov 14) versus GMA’s “Pepito Manaloto” that only got 24.7%. “Dance Kids” also won in the ratings game last Sunday (Nov 15) when it recorded a national TV rating of 28.4%, or ten points higher than GMA’s “24 Oras Weekend” (17.6%).

The first episodes saw the passion and brilliance of the dance artists who went through the try outs, the first stage of the competition where they were screened by the Dance Masters.

Making it to the next level of competition were trio Higher Level Kids, dance sport duo Step Kids, Tahitian group Aloha Girls, young heartthrobs Maximum Groovers, taekwondo duo Richlie and Daniel, and solo dance artists Matt and Joren, who were all given a unanimous decision or three “stomps” by the Dance Masters.

Teacher Georcelle, Sir Andy, and Vhong, meanwhile, opened the program last Saturday by showing off their signature moves in an opening number that gave tribute to Filipino street games.

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