Checkpoint: Maymay shows expertise as Mobile Legends gamerv

Finally, we have a “Checkpoint” episode featuring the ball of sunshine that we all love, Maymay Entrata! 

And, for all the gamers out there, just in case you did not know, Maymay is not only a successful Kapamilya artist, but also a veteran gamer of Mobile Legends. She admitted she’s not a professional player, but if you watch how she plays the game, it will actually seem like she’s one; and she did not deny that she’s really addicted to playing Mobile Legends. 

Maymay shared that she usually starts playing at nine o’clock in the evening and end at 12 or one in the morning. Her account name is “Majimbolover” because she relates it to the character of Majimbo in the famous cartoon series Dragon Ball Z. This means just like Majimbo, Maymay’s hero in the game is going to be hard to fight and even beat.

Right now, Maymay’s rank is at Legend 5 and she recalled that her first-ever hero was Layla, but soon she discovered Chang ‘E who’s a long-ranged Mage hero. And as a mage, Maymay said that she’s always at the back of the tank. Again, a mage is a magic damage dealer in the game and tanks have the role of protecting their teammates. Before Maymay started playing what turned out to be a really intense game, she advised everyone to always “think before you act.” What she meant by that was to think carefully beforehand the strategies and moves that you are about to use as a team before you actually do or apply it in the game. And speaking of team, Maymay also thought that teamwork is going to be very important in Mobile Legends.

Moving on to the actual game, Maymay showed huge excitement and enthusiasm all throughout. She couldn’t really contain her emotions especially when the intensity escalates. You won't even get annoyed because it’s just so fun to watch her play. Maymay shared her most hated player is Kadita. That’s why she celebrated when she got to kill her. 

Although she has been invested in the game, you can still see she played fair and she kept on saying that it’s okay to lose because you can just be better the next time - something a lot of Mobile Legends addicts can get from her.

By now, we’re sure you’re getting very curious and excited about how well Maymay plays the game and how intense it was! Will it be a victory or a defeat for Maymay? Watch this video to find out more of her greatness and tips in playing Mobile Legends!