Iñigo Pascual turns sharpshooter while playing Call of Duty Mobile on Checkpoint

Iñigo Pascual proved that he doesn’t only have the looks and talent in performing onstage, but also has commendable gaming skills to boot, as seen in this episode of “Checkpoint on Saturday, June 6, playing the first person shooter title Call of Duty Mobile. Iñigo shared that he usually competes in Call of Duty Mobile with friends Joao Constancia, Henz Villaraiz, and Markus Paterson.

Before being drawn to Call of Duty Mobile, Iñigo was actually captivated with another game, Rules of Survival. However, when Iñigo learned the mechanics of Call of Duty, he enjoyed the game more, since it has more modes to try out, such as Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Hard Point, Search and Destroy, Domination, and Practice vs AI.

As Iñigo started off, he used the Cordite Zero G gun, which can help you make a double kill instantly, add bullets into clip, and allow you to broadcast a kill with effects. Also, when you use this gun, enemies are sucked into a blackhole when killed - something that is considered the best kill animation in Call of Duty. Iñigo’s succeeding choices of ammunition included the BY 15 Shotgun and the Arctic.50 Sniper Rifle, which has the highest mobility, extreme damage potential, and impressive fire rate.

Other guns that Iñigo used were an AK47 Assault Rifle and a Pharo Submachine Gun, both of which can cause immense destruction on the opponent’s side. Iñigo’s objective during the first game was to get the gold of the opposing team and to bring it to their base. Just like many other mobile games, Call of Duty is about teamwork, making sure that your teammate gets back to base safely.

Unfortunately, at the end of the first round, Iñigo’s team lost and the opposing team advanced with a point. In the second round, Iñigo’s team needed to get three more pieces of gold from their rivals to win earn the overall victory. In the end, Iñigo’s team achieved their goal!

Check out more of Iñigo’s impressive gaming skills playing Call of Duty Mobile in this episode of “Checkpoint” on OKS.abs-cbn.com.