Edward Barber reveals what he loves most about Mobile Legends in “Checkpoint”

He may be a big name showbiz personality, but Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 Fourth Big Placer Edward Barber considers himself a passionate enthusiast of the most talked about and addictive online game today—Mobile Legends.

The young actor admits that it’s one of his all-time favorite games and that he’s been so drawn to it. And since the Online Kapamilya Show (OKS) is called “Checkpoint”, Edward explains for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with gaming parlance that the show’s title refers to a point or a location in the game where a player goes back to when his character is being killed. For instance, if a player dies in level three, the game just resumes at the level two checkpoint and not at the very beginning.

In Mobile Legends, since it is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or “MOBA”, there is no checkpoint. If your character dies, it will just go back to the base and it will start to fight again. For all those who haven’t heard of the mechanics of Mobile Legends, if it’s not in custom mode, it’s usually five versus five and there’s a map that a player can look at so he knows where his allies, as well as where his opponents are.

Edward shares he really plays Mobile Legends almost every day and when he does, he always talks to his allies during the game where they all use the “open mic” feature in the game. He jokingly said that it’s because communication is very important in the game, just like, according to him, how important communication is when it comes to a relationship.

He added how important teamwork also is in playing the game and in a relationship. He started playing it at the beginning of last year, 2019. Edward even related Mobile Legends to K-Dramas, which serves as a connection among girls.

Edward shared that his Mobile Legends account name is “FakeHippiReaper.” The main role that Edward’s hero usually plays is the tank support role. What he does is supporting or defending the damage dealer. There are a lot of other roles that heroes play in the game such as Marksman, Fighter, Support, Tank, Mage, and Assassin. And in this game, Edward used Kaja as his hero.

The reason Edward started getting into playing the game was through the influence of close pals Robi Domingo and Donny Pangilinan. He said that at first he didn’t really like Mobile Legends but later on, he did better bit by bit.

Going back to Edward’s game, he shared that the more your hero gets gold, the more you can get items and as a result, you can have more chances of dominating your opponents. Although Edward’s hero was killed a few times, what’s important is that they won the game and his friend who played the Mage role carried them and even became the MVP.

To recap, Edward thinks that what he really appreciates the most in Mobile Legends is how they can build a community. As for his tips to his fellow supporters or tankers, you should protect the damage dealers with everything you have, make sure they never die, and last but definitely not the least, never cheat.

Appreciate more of Edward’s gaming passion for Mobile Legends in this pilot episode of “Checkpoint.”

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