Checkpoint: Robi Domingo, Donny Pangilinan team-up, then battle it out in Mobile Legends

Robi Domingo and Donny Pangilinan finally gave their fans a chance to see how they play their favorite online game, Mobile Legends, in this episode of Checkpoint on Online Kapamilya Shows (OKS)

The duo actually influenced another Kapamilya heartthrob, Edward Barber, to play Mobile Legends. Edward was actually the first to showcase his Mobile Legends skills in the first episode of “Checkpoint.”

But in this second episode, Robi and Donny became teammates and eventually played one-on-one.

Playing Mobile Legends is one of the things the TV host has been doing every single day since the start of the quarantine, or possibly long before the lockdown started. And in “Checkpoint’s,” second episode he played with, according to Robi himself, one of his strongest teammates ever in Mobile Legends, Donny. 

The rising actor has had Mobile Legends as part of his everyday routine as well. And he said that his goal is to reach the Mythical Glory which is the highest rank that everyone aims to reach. And a player can reach it if he has already acquired as many as 600 points or stars. Meanwhile, Donny’s username in Mobile Legends has been Deib Lohr as he used the name of his character in his iWant Originals series “He’s Into Her.” Robi’s username, on the other hand, is RD27.

As they started the game, Robi said he just actually bought his hero the day before they streamed their game. Robi used the hero Thamuz, who’s a fighter and Donny used tank hero Hylos. Later on in the game, their opponents conceded because they found it hard to win over Robi and Donny’s team. As for their one-on-one game, Donny used fighter Terizla and Robi used fighter Bane. 

However. in the end, Robi won over Donny, although they both had two kills and two deaths. Since we already know Robi and Donny’s usernames, they said they’re very much open to receive diamonds from other gamers, if they choose to. But kidding aside, Donny found the experience very intense and said that it was actually his first time playing with Robi. 

At the end of the episode, Robi had the chance to talk with Donny’s mother, veteran actress and inspirational speaker Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, and he asked her if it’s okay with her that kids are fond of playing Mobile Legends. 

Maricel said that it’s totally fine with her as long as it serves as a way for friends to bond and find pure enjoyment. Her only reminder is for them to always play it in moderation.

Catch more episodes of “Checkpoint” at OKS.abs-cbn.com and see more of your favorite Kapamilya artists play their all-time favorite games!