• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
DonBelle Telepathy Challenge

Do you instantly know what someone is thinking before they actually say it? Chances are you have a deep connection with them. Some call it a telepathic bond, in which two people are emotionally connected to each other very strongly.

Here’s what we discovered today: Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano share this kind of compatibility. In this “Telepathy Challenge,” the beloved tandem should write down the same answers in the category that would be mentioned. Because you know what they say: two people on the same wavelength will likely share lasting chemistry.

We forgive the pair for their errors in the first two rounds, though, as Donny explained they were still getting the hang of the game. “Testing lang,” he said in defense when they failed to provide the same answers for “color sa rainbow” and “gamit sa kusina” categories.

From that point forward, the loveteam had been on a roll. They cheered for joy when they bought answered "orange" in the “bilog na prutas” category.

In the next round, Belle provided Donny with a little hint when they were asked to name a “Can’t Buy Me Love” character from the Tiu mansion. “Please, huwag ‘yung nandito,” she uttered, probably alluding to her character. Therefore, Donny wrote down “Wilson Tiu,” similar to Belle’s answer. And, when asked for a character from Team Binondo, they both thought of Nova Villa’s Mamang, prompting Donny to express, “I love you, Tita Nova. I miss you.”

DonBelle had a ‘kilig’ moment when they both answered “You’ll Be Safe Here” for the “CBML soundtrack” category, as we all know what this song means to their characters Bingo and Ling aka BingLing in the story.

Lastly, they wrote down “Director Mae Cruz-Alviar” on their boards when asked to name a “Can’t Buy Me Love” director.

Out of seven categories, DonBelle got five similar answers.

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