• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Can’t Buy Me Love cast plays Chinese games

The recent episodes of “Can’t Buy Me Love” have stunned viewers with the baffling revelations surrounding Divine's (Shaina Magdayao) mysterious death. But while the characters are currently in chaos and fighting hard with each other to save themselves from possible predicaments, what happens off-cam is a different story.

Behind the scenes, the cast of the beloved DonBelle series knows how to have fun like little kids. Here’s a video of them playing Chinese games in Episode 2 of “Can’t Buy Me Love All Access.”

Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings aka SnoRene/MaThon battled it out first in “Bato Bato Pick” wherein the winner would have the chance to choose his/her teammates. Maris won and picked Vivoree Esclito and Alora Sasam to join her in Team Aircon while Anthony was with Kaila Estrada and Gello Marquez in Team Kanal.

The first game was "Chinese Garter" wherein two people would hold both ends of a garter to stretch it horizontally while players from the opposite team attempt to jump over the garter.

Maris mentioned that she loved playing this in high school but she worried a bit after realizing that Anthony is 6 feet tall while Kaila is 5’7”. That’s why Team Aircon thought of strategies to match Team Kanal’s height advantage. The game ended with both teams having equal scores as Vivoree and Alora from Team Aircon and Kaila and Anthony from Team Kanal managed to pass the hardest level.

The next game is called “Lame Chicken,” a relay wherein the players must hop over the lined-up sticks on the mat using only one foot without touching the sticks or putting the other foot down. As the player reaches the end of the course and picks up the last stick, he/she hops back over the remaining sticks to tag his/her next teammate in line. The first team to pick up all the sticks wins. Team Aircon members’ petite stature greatly contributed to their win in this round.

The players raised their competitiveness further in “Catch The Dragon’s Tail.” Each team forms a straight line with their hands embracing the player in front. The first player in line is the dragon’s head, while the last in line is the dragon’s tail. Things got extremely fun when the teams’ heads started to catch the opponent’s tail by moving the line around. Nobody wanted to lose, keeping the game longer. Kaila later on replaced Anthony as Team Kanal’s head, and boy was she fierce. Alora quipped, “I’m scared na kay Kaila.” LOL. It’s a tie for this round.

Hide and seek but make it extra! The next game is called “Tsoo! Tsoo!” wherein one player is blindfolded and tries to catch all members of the other team. The team with the fastest time wins. Anthony and Maris were their respective team’s seekers. He got 52 seconds while she struggled a bit and finished the hunt in over a minute.

Tiebreaker! With 3 points each, Team Aircon and Team Kanal clashed in “Fingers Out” where two payers face each other and shout the number of fingers they think they and the other player will show. Once both players’ fingers are revealed, add them up and whichever player has guessed the number correctly gains a score. Alora and Gello faced off in the finale round, with the latter coming out ahead.

Team Kanal – Anthony, Kaila, and Gello – becomes the overall champions.