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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
KChat Maris Anthony Guess The Line

Over the past seven months, Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings have treated us to some of the most endearing and hilarious moments in their series "Can't Buy Me Love." They're certainly aware of just how much their scenes have resonated with fans, especially considering these scenes’ popularity on social media.

You could see how well they also remember those epic moments during the "Guess The Line" Challenge on Kapamilya Chat. In this game, they're presented with stills from their scenes as Snoop and Irene, and they have to recall from memory the exact lines they delivered in each scene.

Of course, we won’t leave out that super-trending “Mama Mo” scene, where Irene asks Snoop about his date, and he jestingly retorts, "Mama mo." That moment became an instant meme, with Irene trying to keep up with Snoop’s so-called “kanal humor.”

In the next scene, they are low-key flirting as she visits him at the police station, in which Snoop jokingly says he’d take credit for her change in attitude and even win her heart. Irene turns to the jail guard and quips, “Pulis, may malandi! Pakikulong!”

The last one also went viral, with Irene failing to hear Snoop’s love confession, prompting him to react, “’Yun lang! Bungol."

After the game, they took questions from the Super Kapamilya community on YouTube, and one fan commented on the scene where Snoop tells Irene she would have made a good mother had her pregnancy scare turned real. Reflecting on it, Maris shared that Irene appeared as if she wanted to say something more but ended up leaving because she didn't want to complicate her feelings further. It was at that moment when Irene began to feel a spark with Snoop.

When asked about their favorite outfits from the series, Maris chuckled as she remembered Snoop's penchant for cutting the sleeves off his shirts. As for Irene, her top pick is the character’s party outfits, particularly the little black dress she wore in the scene where Irene flirted with Bingo.

Lastly, when asked to rate their comfort level with each other on a scale of 1 to 10, they both settled on a solid 7.

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