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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Can’t Buy Me Love All Access SnoRene Tube

If you follow their scenes in “Can’t Buy Me Love,” you’d easily understand why Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings have become everyone’s latest obsession. They exude natural chemistry, not to mention wit and humor, that have captivated legions of followers nationwide, especially on social media.

The two play Snoop and Irene in the series, thus fans dubbed them SnoRene. Recently, they’ve also been baptized as MaThon. Whatever you choose to call them, one thing is for sure, Anthony and Maris are making a name for themselves as a ‘love team’ in the industry.

And to satisfy everyone’s craving for SnoRene/MaThon moments, the tandem opens the first episode of “Can’t Buy Me Love All Access” on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel. We call this episode the “SnoRene Tube.”

Here, Maris and Anthony would respond to select questions from netizens, but they also have the option to decline answering and instead take a shot of a special drink aka “epektus.”

They fielded some of the most amusing questions; one was about their preferred baby names had Irene got pregnant in the story. They jestingly chose Robert for a son and Angelica for a daughter. Speaking of that pregnancy scare, MaThon thinks it was the turning point when Irene began catching romantic feelings for Snoop, thus, if their story were to be titled, they would call it “Pregnancy Test.”

However, they both believe it was Snoop who fell in love first. It's worth noting that Snoop had already shown interest in Irene when he rescued her from her kidnappers. In reality, though, Maris tends to be the one to fall in love first, although she wouldn’t show it until she’s sure that the other person feels the same way.

They also revealed their favorite SnoRene moment, which is none other than their secret meeting in an alley. In this scene, Irene seeks out Snoop to tell him that he must continue being her secret alcohol supplier, even after she relocates to her new workplace in Bulacan.

This scene holds a special place for them because it was a departure from their character’s usual bickering. Snoop and Irene were evidently happy while talking and exchanging smiles. In reality, Maris and Anthony felt genuine ‘kilig’ while filming the scene, as it was a significant development in SnoRene’s journey.

Other questions prompted them to reveal behind-the-scenes anecdotes, like when they were asked their favorite among the Erna Triplets (their daughters in Snoop's dream). Maris chose the first daughter, the one with the fiercest glare, albeit finding her computerized face a little peculiar, “Mukha akong alien.” That was a fun take as well, thanks to Anthony’s comedic adlibs. Maris mentioned that she didn’t expect him to fall off his chair exaggeratedly, resulting in a minor wound.

They shared perspectives on serious topics too, particularly relationships. Asked how they deal with jealousy, Anthony disclosed that he prefers to hide it with a smile or a neutral expression. On the other hand, Maris confessed that she struggled to mask her jealousy in her younger years. Sometimes she’d even walk out of the room if the situation felt too overwhelming. But she has now overcome this tendency and she is not the jealous type anymore.

One netizen asked whether they think Snoop would meet Wilson Tiu’s standards, to which Maris replied, “Malamang hindi! Pero feeling ko ipaglalaban siya ni Irene.” After all, they are willing to do everything for love. “Si Irene Tiu, feeling ko malala siya ma-in love kasi wala siyang seryosong ka-date all her life. Tapos ‘pag ma-in love siya, feeling ko siya ‘yung tipong clingy, ‘yung selosa, kasi first time niya ma-in love. Feeling ko gagawin niya lahat para sa love.”

Meanwhile, Anthony believes that Snoop would also go to any lengths for love, as he would even be willing to walk from Binondo to Bulacan just to see Irene, “Kasi laking-hirap siya, so wala na sa kanya ‘yung sacrifices na pagdadaanan niya.”

The characters are still in denial, but they pretty much have serious feelings for each other. In the story, Snoop finds an unexpected rival in Aldrich (Jake Ejercito), the supervisor of the warehouse where he and Irene were assigned to work. Asked what would make Snoop better than Aldrich, Anthony jokingly mentioned that Snoop has cuter cheeks.

Should love teams dine together? According to MaThon, they should, suggesting they could share meals while going over their scripts. Throughout the series, the two have unexpectedly grown closer and frequently encounter each other at show-related events. However, they clarified that their relationship is strictly professional, and they only interact or see each other when work is involved.

While the two bravely faced most of the questions, some inquiries led them to simply drink the "epektus," for instance, when asked about their follow-up projects after “Can’t Buy Me Love” and what level they’re going to end up at in the series.

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