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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Snoop falls for Irene Can’t Buy Me Love

This must be love!

Sparks fly whenever Snoop (Anthony Jennings) and Irene (Maris Racal) cross paths in the streets of Binondo, as they find each other annoying. Or, maybe it could be just a guise of denial, as the more they hide, the more their feelings swim to the surface. This is especially evident for Snoop, who couldn’t hide his concern when they both suspected Irene might be pregnant.

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Romantics say that dreaming of a specific person means you consider them very important to you. So, Snoop seeing Irene and their ‘future babies’ in his dream could mean something. In his dream, he was doing his laundry when he saw a pink sleeveless top. A little girl called him “Papa,” and, much to his disbelief, he saw three little girls looking exactly like Irene. The latter entered the scene carrying a bunch of clothes for him to wash and then requested for omelet “na walang itlog.”

Another sign of his growing affection for her was his quick response when she vomited in the kitchen of Aunt Cathy (Celeste Legaspi)'s restaurant. Panic was real when he asked about her preferred medicine. But instead of medicine, she requested alcohol.

As they bumped into each other in Binondo, with Snoop donning a dragon dancer costume for his part-time gig and Irene strolling with her friends, he admitted to replacing the bottle's content with juice out of fear that Irene might truly be pregnant with their child, believing that alcohol would be detrimental.

Obviously, Snoop had Irene on his mind when he sent her a furious text, saying that he lost in the Mr. Binondo pageant due to being distracted with thoughts of her. Did he send her a selfie to show how cute he looked that night?

When Irene’s period continued to be delayed and the likelihood of their possible one-night stand resulting in her pregnancy became increasingly evident, Snoop insisted that he would care for Irene for the baby’s sake. He offered to accompany her to any hospital so she could undergo a pregnancy test without her family knowing, concerned about her peace of mind.

Once, he brought her ‘tinola’ and ‘pinakbet’ which his mother from the province recommended as beneficial for pregnant women. And, in another scene, when Irene accepted that basket of vegetables he got for her, Snoop’s smile was clearly of ‘kilig’ and joy.

You can tell when a man treats a woman with special care when he doesn’t want her to feel jealous. In one scene, while accompanying Irene to the parking area, Snoop received a call and spoke affectionately to the person on the other line. Sensing Irene eavesdropping, he reassured her, “Bago ka magselos, Nanay ko ‘to.”

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