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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
How Tos of Love DonBelle

How do we know that Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano truly deserve to be called this generation’s premiere love team? For us, beyond mere chemistry, we’d love to root for a duo that exudes substance and wields a positive influence through their words. 

Endearingly, DonBelle has demonstrated their ability to serve as role models by sharing insightful perspectives on fostering a healthy relationship, as they go through a list of how-to questions about love in this video!

Welcome to “The How Tos of Love!” 

We posed significant relationship "how tos" to them, such as how to apologize after a fight. Donny emphasizes the importance of setting aside pride and prioritizing what's best for both partners. Belle echoes this sentiment, stating that the severity of the conflict determines the approach, “Kung mas may gravity 'yung ginawa mo sa kanila, you really have to swallow your pride.” But, for minor ‘tampuhan,’ a cute "sorry" might suffice.

And, perhaps most importantly, take a breather and give each other space before engaging in conversation when both parties feel ready.

When it comes to surprising someone for a special occasion, Donny makes sure that important people are present, and then incorporates activities that the other person loves. 

When it comes to showing trust in love, it's all about communication and openness. He says, “You share stuff that you’d only share with that person and you want to know how they feel, ‘yung feedback nila. Makikita mo, ‘Oh, she trusts me because she’s sharing this with me.’” Belle agrees, “If you allow them to have a say in your life, if you listen to what they have to say. Kasi binigay mo ‘yung tiwala mo sa kanila.” She also highlights vulnerability as an indicator of trust. 

Feeling butterflies is the easy part of love, but the real challenge lies in sustaining those emotions. This is where expressing love becomes crucial. How do we express love effectively? Belle underscores the power of ‘love languages’, but you must understand which love language your partner speaks. Meanwhile, Donny believes that dedicating time is the greatest expression of love, “Kung saan mo nilagay ‘yung time mo, doon mo malalaman kung ‘yun din ba ang pina-prioritize mo.”

Jealousy is often deemed a challenging emotion in relationships, as it can either drive a couple apart or bring deeper understanding and connection. For DonBelle, it's okay to experience jealousy—it's how we choose to respond to it that matters most. Belle's initial approach is to remain silent and reflect on why she's experiencing those emotions. After processing her feelings, she then communicates with her partner. Donny comments in jest, “Gano’n din ako, tahimik sa umpisa tapos magko-confront,” eliciting laughter from Belle. 

The “Can’t Buy Love” lead stars are sure to make you smile with their cute interactions and honest answers in the video!