• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
DonBelle visits Can't Buy Me Love locations

In his latest vlog, Donny Pangilinan invited Belle Mariano to join him in a gastronomic trip in Binondo. Together, they uncovered a rich array of Chinese comfort food delights.

DonBelle enlisted the expertise of cuisine and culture guide, Ivan Man Dy, to take them through Binondo’s culinary landscape. First, they sipped brown tea and took on the challenge of munching down chopped chili to prepare their palates for the flavorful adventure ahead.

A Binondo tour with Ivan wouldn’t be complete without his lessons on culture and history, so their first stop was a restaurant that has been established the 1950s. Here, they indulged in a mouthwatering feast featuring oyster omelette and authentic Chinese kikiam. This kikiam is not the usual you get off the streets; it has a savory blend of pork and spices. Even the pickled radish boasts exquisite flavors according to DonBelle.

At the next stop, they ordered fresh Tsinoy lumpia, which Donny described as “parang salad na shawarma.” Ivan elaborated on the origin of lumpia, tracing it back to the Fujian province in China before it was brought by immigrants to the Philippines. How do you much down this dish? Add a little chili sauce and lumpia sauce, and then indulge in big bites.

Of course, when in Binondo, you shouldn’t miss trying authentic empanadas, described by Donny as “parang kumakain ka ng sisig sa loob ng empanada.” They were also surprised with how delicious the bokni, or white fungus, tastes like. For the dessert, they had white and black almond jelly.

Next, they treated their taste buds with freshly-made dumplings from a popular restaurant along Yuchengco Street. Donny’s family had visited the same restaurant with Ivan a decade ago, so they thought it was a perfect opportunity to recreate an old photo taken in that very spot.

Apart from the delectable food exploration, Donny and Belle also got to visit their taping locations in Binondo, including Bingo's house and the old bridge over the creek. The Kapamilya loveteam had fun immersing themselves deeper in the streets of Binondo, even taking a ride in a pedicab as the crowd started to thicken. Belle bought the trending duck hair clip as well, as she forgot to got one for Donny during her previous visit to Divisoria.

For Donny and Belle, Binondo is not just a taping location but a place where they get to experience life in full vibrant colors. “We are so privileged to be able to work here in an amazing area like Chinatown, Binondo kasi sobrang rich ng culture dito,” said Donny.

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