• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
KChat DonBelle Two Truths One Lie

If you’ve got eagle eyes like a true-blue DonBelle fan, you’d notice that Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano have grown closer than ever, especially since filming their trending series “Can’t Buy Me Love.” They’re frequently spotted attending events as a tandem, and their schedules keep them together virtually around the clock with projects and other ‘ganaps.’ Even outside work, they make time for each other. Therefore, their chemistry and connection don’t come as a surprise. 

It’s also no surprise that they had zero problems taking on Kapamilya Chat’s “Two Truths and One Lie” Challenge, except that it was hard to make lies. Here, they’d give three statements about themselves and the other player would guess which one is false. 

Belle got the ball rolling with some playful statements: “Hindi ako naligo kahapon, nag-workout ako kahapon, I danced with myself last night.” Interestingly, Donny seemed updated about Belle’s whereabouts, as he knew she was with her friends ‘last night,’ thus he assumed the ‘dance’ statement must be correct. Hence, the false statement is that she worked out yesterday. 

Donny found it hard to believe that Belle didn't shower yesterday, either, so he considered that statement false as well. As it turned out, Belle actually gave two false statements and one truth. But hey, what counts is Donny's got the scoop on what's real and what's not about her. 

During his turn, Donny thought of keeping the game more fun by sharing some quirky statements about his character, Bingo, instead: "Hindi siya kumakain ng isda kasi hinabol siya ng monster na isda sa bangungot. He was three years old when Annie left. Ang tawag n’ya sa kuliglig niya ay baby.” This also doubles as a trivia game for "Can’t Buy Me Love" fans! If you've binged-watched all the episodes like Belle, you'd spot that the second statement is off, since Bingo was actually around 7 when his mother Annie left. 

In the next round, Belle thought she could include her character, Caroline, in the game too. But she's so connected to the character that she couldn't fib about her. Instead, she stuck to statements about herself: "I watched ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ again yesterday. I rehearsed yesterday. Nadapa ako.” And because she struggled with making lies, she decided to just take the consequence drink, which was no biggie since it was just a milk. 

“Ang pangit ko magsinungaling, pa’no ‘yan?” Belle burst into laughter. Well, at least we know she's an honest person – just another reason to adore her even more. 

In the final round, Donny claimed their dog's first name was Martha, he relocated to Laguna in 8th grade, and his shoe size is 10. Belle pondered, ultimately choosing the first statement as the lie. Nope. The real fib was about Donny’s shoe size. Well, to be fair, Belle hadn't met Martha the dog, as it passed away when Donny was just 12. 

Even though Belle ended up as the losing player, true to his gentlemanly nature, Donny volunteered to take the consequence drink on her behalf.

You truly are a genuine pair, DonBelle!