• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Darren levels up the ‘hugot’ in Bibitaw o Lalaban Challenge

Expanding his artistry by writing his own songs, Darren Espanto must be loaded with all sorts of ‘hugots’ in order to create a musical masterpiece. The good thing is that he is equipped with love knowledge gleaned from his personal and his friends experiences, helping him yield poignant lyrics with sentimental melodies. Fans are even calling him “mapanakit” due to his songs’ message of love and heartbreak.

In this episode of Kapamilya Chat, Darren proves what he knows about romance by playing the “Bibitaw o Susuko” Challenge. In the game, he’d be given a random situationship and decide whether it’s worth fighting for or letting go.

One of the most common issues faced by couples is lack of time, which Darren thinks is not enough reason to give up. He says that you can manage time if you really want. For example, one may visit the busier partner at home just so they can spend some time together.

The next scenario is about having a controlling partner to the point of the relationship getting “nakakasakal.” For Darren, this could be fixed through two-way communication, “Kung ang jowa mo ay hindi komportable sa isang bagay na ipinapagpaalam pa, siguro naman may rason siya.” However, he underscores that one must know when enough is enough, as repetitive mistakes might be fatal to the relationship.

What if he’s the only one still happy in the relationship?  “Pwede naman lumaban pa kasi hindi naman one-sided lang ang isang breakup. Kailangan pag-usapan kung bakit hindi ka na masaya.”

Lastly, Darren revealed impressive love wisdom when asked his opinion on a relationship disapproved by many, saying, “Wala naman talagang nakakaalam kung ano ang meron sa inyong dalawa kundi kayong dalawa lang. So, bakit n’yo hahayaan na ‘yung mga outside force ang magdikta ng relationship ninyo?” He added that sometimes, though, a friend or family member is right about their hunches. So, it’s just a matter of keeping a balance between what your heart says and what other people say.

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