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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
DonBelle Reacts to CBML Scenes

DonBelle pretty much sums up all our feelings about their trending scenes!

It turns out that Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano know exactly how we feel about their biggest BingLing moments in “Can’t Buy Me Love,” sharing the same reactions as we do while watching these scenes. 

Reaction 1: LOL! 

On that clip where Caroline, or Ling, is surprised to see Bingo’s ‘bacon briefs’ with his initials while helping him with folding clothes, DonBelle couldn't contain their laughter right from the start. Donny revealed that he and his brother, Ben, also put initials on their briefs to avoid mix-ups. After watching, they noted the humorous contrast to real life where Donny is the lesser expert in folding clothes. In fact, director Mae Cruz-Alviar had to teach him faster folding techniques before shooting the scene. 

Reaction 2: “Woooow!”: Repeat 2 times!

The endearing loveteam had huge amazed reactions on that slow-motion sequence where Caroline looked irresistibly charming while mopping the floor. “This scene was so fun to shoot kasi I felt like I was dressed like Bingo,” Belle commented, adding that she’s pleasantly surprised by how the scene turned out. They also giggled over veteran actress Nova Villa’s adorable gestures while watching BingLing’s interaction. 

Reaction 3: “Ang ganda ‘no?”

DonBelle repeatedly uttered words of admiration while watching the scene of BingLing running to escape a swarm of bees in the fictitious town of La Sinfonia, set in Atok, Benguet. “This scene is so nice. You’ll really see the beauty of Atok when you watch this scene” exclaimed Belle. The tandem further shared that they had to run nearly ten laps during filming, partly because the location was vast and also due to retakes caused by unexpected technical issues such as cameramen stumbling while shooting and errors in camera focus.

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