• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Can’t Buy Me Love Dumpling Challenge

As viewers eagerly await the next revelations in "Can't Buy Me Love,” they can relish in the fun behind-the-scenes moments shared by the teleserye’s cast on the “Made For YouTube” series called “Can’t Buy Me Love All Access.” 

In its latest episode, fans are treated to a hilarious culinary showdown featuring the cast taking on a dumpling-making activity. 

But, here’s the twist – the players, Maris Racal, Anthony Jennings, Joao Constancia, Chie Filomeno, Vivoree Esclito, and Gello Marquez, would be divided into pairs and must take on the “No Hands” Challenge. 

One partner must hide behind the other and use only his/her hands to make the dumplings without being able to see what his/her hands are doing, while the other partner provides instructions. The would race to make as many dumplings as possible within three minutes. 

Maris and Anthony, aka SnoRene or MaThon, were the first pair. While Anthony felt his dumpling-making skills improved as the challenge went on, Maris thought otherwise. She jestingly commented, “Pwede ako na lang ‘yung kamay?” 

Chie and Joao brought their A-game, with the latter’s expert-level dumpling-making talent earning praise from his co-stars, who tagged his dumplings as “Macau style” since he hails from Macau.  But even with all his skills and tricks, his hands gave up before the timer beeped, so he had to call it quits a bit early. Nonetheless, he and Chie were able to make 10 dumplings together. 

Saving the juiciest bits for the end, Vivorree and Gello, representing Team Binondo, scoped out their opponents’ moves before jumping into the game. Since they were able to spot what clicked and fixed what flopped in their rivals’ techniques, they easily adapted to the challenge, with Gello being the ‘hand.’ 

But, hey, their rivals weren’t willing to let them win that easy, throwing in some playful distractions and funny comments, making the competition all the more entertaining. Maris got into character as Irene Tiu and threw in her signature clever remarks. 

In the end, Vivoree and Gello were declared the winners as they were able to make a total of 16 dumplings. 

Even with everyone aiming for the win, the challenge ultimately served as a bonding session for the cast. After all the dumpling-making frenzy, they cooked up their ‘creations’ and chowed down together.