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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Maris funny scenes in Can’t Buy Me Love

Beyond her impressive talents and stunning beauty, Maris Racal has captivated fans with her impeccable comedic timing, bringing an extra layer of delight to her scenes in “Can't Buy Me Love.”

From her uproarious facial expressions to her pitch-perfect intonation as the sassy and ‘pasaway’ rich girl Irene Tiu, Maris effortlessly makes us burst into laughter. Her comedic flair is so natural that there’s no need to script her character’s level of hilarity.

Laugh out loud with her funniest scenes compiled in this Friday 5 video.

Most of her hilarious moments unfold in scenes shared with Anthony Jennings’ Snoop, as their encounters never lack excitement – and comedy. In the scene where they crossed each other’s paths anew, Irene finally realized that Snoop had been invited to their house before for saving her from her kidnappers. She transformed from grumpy to sweet, and then burst into laughter after learning that Snoop was on his way to a date wearing a tacky orange polo and bowtie.

She inquired about his date, to which he peevishly replied, “Mama mo.” A meme was born, with Irene struggling to keep up with Snoop’s so-called “kanal humor.”

Following the “mama mo” joke trend, the tandem created a new meme when Snoop called Irene, disguised as an old man over the phone. “Lolo mo,” he replied when she inquired who she was talking to. “Joke lang, gagi, si Snoop ‘to,” he revealed, requesting money for the liquor that Irene asked her to purchase in secret.

Of course, we couldn’t leave the scene of her having a dream – or perhaps a nightmare. In her dream, she was giving birth, only to discover that the baby has Snoop's face. Her reaction of sheer panic was incredibly amusing!

During the scene where Aunt Cathy (celeste Legaspi) handed her bottles of liquor, instructing her to finish them all, Irene's humor shone as she eagerly embraced the “reward”, confidently claiming she could finish all bottles in two hours. The alcohol seemed to inspire her, so much so she enjoyed cleaning seafood in the kitchen.

The funny thing was Aunt Cathy played along with sarcasm by offering her more liquor. Surprisingly, Irene declined and insisted she had had enough. The comedic highlight came when Aunt Cathy jokingly suggested Irene might be pregnant and craving alcohol, leading to a hilarious panic as Irene was reminded of her earlier nightmare.

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