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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Can’t Buy Me Love Trending Scenes

After more than half a year of airing, “Can’t Buy Me Love” is ending on a high note. This success isn’t surprising at all, given the show’s interesting elements, specifically scenes and plot twists that became the talk of the town. These are the moments that completely captured viewers and elicited a rollercoaster of emotions from them.

In this edition of Friday 5, we list down the most-watched scenes from the series.

The video opens with that trending one-versus-all confrontation between Caroline (Belle Mariano) and her family. Belle made waves on social media by finally unleashing her character’s pent-up emotions towards her dad Wilson (Rowell Santiago), stepmom Cindy (Agot Isidro), and half-siblings Bettina (Kaila Estrada), Irene (Maris Racal), and Charleston (Albie Casiño) over breakfast.

Here, Caroline dropped the major truth bombs she learned from Pato (Tart Carlos), the woman claiming to have witnessed her mother's suffering with the Tius, and then she exploded into full-blown fury when her wicked stepmom and stepsisters, and even her dad, tried to invalidate her feelings by telling her to let go of the past.

Many of the show's most viral scenes are those filled with revelations, as viewers eagerly sought answers to questions like who truly killed Caroline’s mother, Divine (Shaina Magdayao). Included in this list is the moment when Caroline stood firm as her entire family confronted her at her mother’s gravesite, accusing her of tarnishing their reputation in connection to her mother’s murder. Moved by his sister’s heartbreaking frustration, Charleston finally broke his silence, revealing his version of the truth, prompting Gina (Ruffa Gutierrez) and Carlo (Joao Constancia) to follow suit. It was then that we discovered neither Charleston nor Carlo was the real mastermind, challenging our assumptions based on previous clues.

It's no wonder that viewers tuned in to Annie (Ina Raymundo)’s revelation scene as well, believing that it was the moment that would close Divine’s murder case. Flashback scenes unveiled Wilson's violent outburst towards Divine the night when she was planning to leave him due to alleged sabotage within his company. Back to the present time, Annie confessed to witnessing the argument that night, which convinced her that Wilson was responsible for Divine's death. She recounted being intentionally struck by a car after leaving Divine's house and how the Tiu family persistently harassed her to ensure her silence. As if that wasn’t gripping enough, this was also the moment when Annie officially assumed control of the Tiu family's company, GLC.

Also among the most viewed are DonBelle scenes, specifically the one where Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) unleashed his anger following his reunion with his estranged mom, Annie, and found solace in Caroline's comforting presence.

Rounding off the list is the moment when Bettina caught Bingo visiting their house and conversing with Caroline, so she promptly escorted him out before confronting her sister. Filled with bitterness, she labelled Caroline as naive for her leniency towards Bingo, prompting Caroline to confess her love for him.

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