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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
CBML 15 Sweetest BingLing Moments

Over the past few months, we’ve journeyed with Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) and Caroline/Ling (Belle Mariano) in their quest for answers that led them to find true love in each other. Their story has truly made us believe in destiny and they made us smile through their endearing scenes together.

And because we know that it’ll be hard to say goodbye to our BingLing couple, we’ve curated a Kapamilya Toplist video featuring their heart-fluttering moments in “Can’t Buy Me Love,” so you’ll have something to revisit when the series ends on Friday.

Kilig poured down, alongside the rain, in that unforgettable scene where they stumbled into a muddy patch. Surprisingly, Caroline didn't panic as she usually would; instead, she embraced the moment and enjoyed playing in the rain with Bingo – that was when love was still beginning to grow between them.

Who else ran out of air watching that ‘bus’ scene where he offered his shoulder as her pillow during their long travel to La Sinfonia? And when he carried her to escape a swarm of bees, our hearts were mixed thrilled and happy. There must have been something sweet in the breeze of La Sinfonia that BingLing woke up the next morning in an awkward position next to each other. They were even close to kissing amidst the blooming view and chilly weather.

Of course, nothing spells kilig more than subtle confessions. Our hearts went “aww” over that scene of Bingo admitting to Caroline that he’s beginning to develop special feelings for her.

There was also a time they went golfing and he said that he missed her. Albeit so shocked that she almost lost control of the golf cart she was driving, Caroline gracefully admitted that she missed bonding with him too.

Stars and sweet promises? The perfect combo for a romantic moment! There was a scene where he asked her to gaze at the stars, proclaiming that their countless beauty would never surpass the multitude of times he'd stand by her side.

We bet Episode 105 also made it to your most-watched list. In that episode, BingLing was surrounded by the beautiful blooms of La Sinfonia when Bingo noticed that Caroline was feeling cold, so he tried to warm her up by sharing his jacket. Spark could be felt in the air as the characters leaned in closer, their faces almost touching, on the brink of a kiss.

We’ll definitely miss living in our rose-colored Bingling world where everything feels sweet, beautiful, and safe.

Catch “Can’t Buy Love’s Priceless Finale” this Friday on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.