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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
CBML Toplist SnoRene funny scenes

We are *obsessed* with SnoRene! 

In the world of romcoms, only a few on-screen couples have captured the heart of viewers quite as Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings, aka SnoRene or MaThon, did in “Can’t Buy Me Love.” The irresistible chemistry between them has sparked a frenzy among fans. Whether that be a witty banter or a subtly sweet moment, their scenes exude this perfectly crafted magic that has enchanted audiences – magic that takes organic chemistry and talent. 

We can’t get enough of this duo, really. As “Can’t Buy Me Love” is about to end, and so is Snoop and Irene’s narrative, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to curate a Kapamilya Toplist video showcasing their most uproarious and heart-fluttering moments from the series. 

Consider this your go-to remedy for SnoRene ‘sepanx’ – bookmark this page and re-watch these scenes whenever you feel like missing Snoop and Irene! 

Their unlikely love story started with Snoop’s heroic save when he caught Irene, abducted by Balong (Ronnie Lazaro) and Felix (Alex Medina), from a perilous fall off an uncompleted building. Despite the awkward and quite comical aftermath, viewers couldn’t help but appreciate Snoop’s quick reflexes in keeping Irene out of harm’s way. That’s when viewers started to see them as an interesting pair.

So, fate decided to play matchmaker once more. In their first encounter since the kidnapping incident, Irene, in her attempt to escape from Snoop, whom she assumed was a weirdo trying to get her attention, ended up stepping on a dog’s poo. And just like that, they got stuck with the nicknames "Poop" and "Ernalyn." 

And the tricks of fate didn’t end there as he saw her pass out in the middle of the street. Witnesses thought it was a pedestrian mishap, but Snoop insisted that he didn’t run over her with his sidecar. He carried Irene, who then unconsciously vomited on his shirt. He brought her home for safety, but only to be accused of being a pervert, as she woke up to him trying to fix her blazer.

Their encounters never lacked excitement – and comedy. When they bumped into each other again, and Irene finally realized that Snoop had been invited to their house before for saving her from her kidnappers, she transformed from grumpy to sweet and then burst into laughter upon learning that he was on his way to a date wearing a tacky orange polo and bowtie. She inquired about his date, to which he peevishly replied, “Mama mo.” A meme was born, with Irene struggling to keep up with Snoop’s so-called “kanal humor.” 

In another encounter, Irene stepped on poo again, blaming Snoop. In defense, he quipped, "Baka ikaw ang hinahabol ng mga tae," and suggested, "Ikiskis mo lang sa gilid," leaving Irene puzzled with the slang words he kept on using.

Of course, we couldn’t leave out the scene of her having a dream – or perhaps a nightmare. In her dream, she was giving birth, only to discover that the baby had Snoop's face. Her reaction of sheer panic was incredibly amusing!

The two struck a deal when she hired him as her secret alcohol shopper. She would pay him three thousand pesos weekly for buying her liquor. Taking advantage of her desperation, Snoop raised his fee to five thousand pesos.

Following the “mama mo” joke trend, the tandem created a new meme when Snoop called Irene, disguised as an old man over the phone. “Lolo mo,” he replied when she inquired who she was talking to. “Joke lang, gagi, si Snoop ‘to,” he revealed, requesting money for the liquor that Irene asked him to purchase. 

Who would have thought that alcohol would bring them closer? Quite literally, too. After agreeing to a secret meet-up, Irene found Snoop’s nosy friends tailing her to the tenement where she was supposed to get the liquor. Snoop deftly resolved the situation by taking her to a quiet spot – the tenement’s rooftop – and they ended up drinking together. 
Unable to recall what happened that night, Irene's frustration erupted whenever Snoop was around, disgusted by the possibility that they might have engaged in a sexual activity while intoxicated. This suspicion led her to delay Snoop’s payment, believing he had already received something more from her, resulting in riot ‘bangayan’ scenes.

As they bumped into each other in Binondo, with Snoop donning a dragon dancer costume for his part-time gig and Irene strolling with her friends, he admitted to replacing the alcohol's content with juice out of fear that Irene might truly be pregnant with their child, believing that alcohol would be detrimental.

Romantics say that dreaming of a specific person means you consider them very important to you. So, when Snoop saw Irene and their ‘future babies’ in his dream, we already knew our guy was falling. In his dream, he was doing the laundry when he saw a pink sleeveless top. A little girl called him “Papa,” and, much to his disbelief, he saw three little girls looking exactly like Irene. The latter entered the scene carrying a bunch of clothes for him to wash and then requested for omelet “na walang itlog.”

Obviously, Snoop had Irene on his mind when he sent her a furious text, saying that he lost in the Mr. Binondo pageant due to being distracted with thoughts of her. Did he send her a selfie to show how cute he looked that night? Elsewhere, she got so affected by his photo that she started to see him all around the place even in the clueless restaurant server whom she slapped hysterically when he started to look like Snoop.

Not all actors can do the rom-com genre justice as it takes organic talent and chemistry, but Maris and Anthony proved they can pull it off. We can’t wait to see more of them individually and as a ‘love team’, but, for now, we’re seated for how their story will end in “Can’t Buy Me Love,” now in its finale week.