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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Snoop & Irene Bickering Scenes

Uy, diyan nagsisimula ‘yan!

Keep your friends close, and close your enemy closer, but not too close as you might fall in love with him/her.

Snoop (Anthony Jennings) and Irene (Maris Racal) couldn’t stand each other, hence the incessant bickering. But the thing about their ‘bardagulan’ moments is we find them so cute to watch, thanks to their chemistry and the possibility for romance to spark. So, here’s a Kapamilya Toplist video that compiles 15 of their funniest ‘bangayan’ moments in “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Surely, let’s begin with that poop scene. Chaos ensued in their first encounter since Snoop’s heroic act to save Irene from her kidnappers (which she couldn’t remember). Irene, in her attempt to escape from Snoop, whom she assumed was a weirdo trying to get her attention, became hysterical after accidentally stepping on poop. What followed was a cascade of hilarity as Snoop attempted to calm her down.

And the tricks of fate didn’t end there as he saw her pass out in the middle of the street. Witnesses thought it was a pedestrian mishap, but Snoop insisted that he didn’t run over her with his sidecar. He carried Irene, who unconsciously vomited on his shirt. He brought her home for safety, but only to be accused of being a pervert, as Irene woke up to him trying to fix her blazer.

Their encounters never lack excitement – and comedy. In the scene where they cross each other’s paths anew, Irene finally realizes that Snoop had been invited to their house before for a thank-you dinner after he saved her from the kidnappers. She transformed from grumpy to sweet, and then burst into laughter after learning that Snoop was on his way to a date wearing a tacky orange polo and bowtie. She inquired about his date, to which he peevishly replied, “Mama mo.” A meme was born, with Irene struggling to keep up with Snoop’s so-called “kanal humor.”

In another encounter, Irene stepped on poop again, blaming Snoop. In defense, he quipped, "Baka ikaw ang hinahabol ng mga tae," and suggested, "Ikiskis mo lang sa gilid," leaving Irene puzzled by the slang words he kept on using.

The two struck a deal when she asked him to work for her as a secret alcohol shopper. She would pay him three thousand pesos weekly for buying her liquor. Taking advantage of her desperation, Snoop raised his fee to five thousand pesos.

Plenty of comedy was served as Snoop quietly visited Irene at her workplace to ask for her number, which he needs to send her updates about the “epektus.” Seeing that Irene struggled to grasp the term, he reacted, “Ba’t ang slow ng utak mo?” LOL. She sent her out, but the hilarity didn’t stop there, as he wanted to ask for free warm water before leaving.

Following the “mama mo” joke trend, the tandem created a new meme when Snoop called Irene, disguised as an old man over the phone. “Lolo mo,” he replied when she inquired who she was talking to. “Joke lang, gagi, si Snoop ‘to,” he revealed, requesting money for the liquor that Irene asked her to purchase in secret.

Who would have thought that liquor would bring them closer? Quite literally, too. After agreeing to a secret meet-up, Irene found Snoop’s nosy friends tailing her to the tenement where she was supposed to get the liquor. Snoop deftly resolved the situation by taking Irene to a quiet spot – the tenement’s rooftop. As Irene became entranced by the sight of the alcohol, she began to lose herself, even mistaking the building's lights for stars. LOL! They ended up drinking together – the events that followed, however, remained a hazy memory for both of them.

Unable to recall what really happened that night, Irene's frustration would erupt whenever she encounters Snoop, disgusted by the possibility that they may have engaged in sexual activity while intoxicated. This suspicion led her to delay Snoop’s payment, believing he had already received something more from her, resulting in riot ‘bangayan’ scenes.

One day, Snoop chose to dine at the restaurant where Irene was working. Things seemed amicable at first, as Irene resolved to cease fretting over him. However, Snoop pulling his shirt up due to feeling hot triggered Irene’s apprehensions again, leaving him puzzled by her sudden annoyance. In another instance, Irene attempted to evade Snoop, accusing him of being a pervert, only for Snoop to retort, "Mas virgin pa ako sa’yo, eh.”

The same thing happened when she passed out in front of him and one of her colleagues. The co-worker quickly fetched a bowl of ice cubes and instructed Snoop to use them to revive Irene. He complied by pouring the ice onto Irene. Upon regaining consciousness, Irene recoiled in disgust at the sight of the ice, as it reminded her of what she perceived as an intimate and playful night between the two of them. Snoop reacted, “Sinasapian talaga ‘yan,” when Irene walked out.

Finally, just so Snoop would stop pestering her, Irene relented and decided to pay him. But, of course, not without the loud and hilarious word war.

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