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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
15 cute bickering scenes of Donny and Belle in “Can’t Buy Me Love”

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano have been taking good vibes to the maximum level since their series “Can’t Buy Me Love” premiered. Relive their cutest love-hate moments as Bingo and Caroline via this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes.

Setting the tone of their riotous cat-dog dynamic is that scene of Caroline waking up in Bingo’s house after he saved her from her kidnappers. The problem is she couldn’t easily trust a stranger who claims to be her hero without solid proof. The comical chaos went up a notch when Lola Nene (Nova Villa) and Monching (Ketchup Eusebio) got in the mix.

Bingo had a hard time convincing Caroline of his innocence and that she owes him P200,000, the money he’s been keeping for years but which he offered to one of Caroline’s kidnappers in exchange for letting them flee.

When all her cards were declined, she was forced to stay longer in Bingo’s house, where, as expected, sparks kept flying in the wrong direction. They were compelled to trust each other in the sense that Bingo would give in to Caroline’s whims with her word that she’s going to pay him back.

One of our favorite scenes is that of Bingo introducing himself to Caroline inside the taxi, and his hilarious reaction when she said that people call her Ling. There was also this charming argument when he spent a few hours at the police station for interrogation. Of course, we couldn’t leave out that trending scene where Bingo got so comically shocked upon seeing that the taxi fare ballooned by almost P5000, giving birth to Bingo’s reaction, “Anak ng panty!”

Funny things happen whenever Caroline shows Bingo her 'sosy' ways, like when she insisted on staying in BGC. But without enough funds, she was forced to rent a small apartment in Bingo’s place, which she said would require her at least half a million pesos to survive. The owner commented that Caroline must be a rich girl, prompting Bingo to call her “delulu.”

Renting her own space would be impossible given their budget, thus she had to stay in Bingo’s house. Good vibes soared when she asked for P20,000 to buy shampoo, but Bingo could only give her P500. It was hilarious to watch them and Snoop (Anthony Jennings) checking out sari-sari stores for the best shampoo brand, but all they saw were local brands that Caroline had never used before.

Then, the investigation started, with Bingo asking Caroline rehash her abduction and name everyone she considers an enemy. “From grade school or now lang?” she asked. This must be a long ‘kilig’ journey for Caroline and Bingo!

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