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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
MaThon SnoRene rom-com scenes in CBML

We love ‘couples’ who make us believe in forever, but we love them even more when they’re able to serve up a perfect blend of romance and light-hearted comedy. It’s why we can’t get enough of Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings’ SnoRene tandem in “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

As the series nears its conclusion, let’s soothe our ‘SnoRene’ hearts from ‘sepanx’ by reliving their most adorable and ‘kilig’ moments through this Kapamilya Toplist video.

One of our favorite eras in the SnoRene journey was when Snoop (Anthony) started to catch feelings for Irene (Maris). As Irene’s period remained delayed and the possibility of their one-night stand leading to pregnancy grew, Snoop made it clear he would support her. Once, he brought her ‘tinola’ and ‘pinakbet’ which his mother from the province recommended as beneficial for pregnant women. And, in another scene, when Irene accepted that basket of vegetables he got for her, his smile was clearly of ‘kilig’ and joy.

If there’s a will, a person who is in love will surely make a way. When Irene finished her training at Aunt Cathy (Celeste Legaspi)’s restaurant in Binondo and was told she’d be assigned to a warehouse in Bulacan, she struck a deal with Snoop, asking him to still be her secret alcohol supplier all the way to her new workplace. And we could only think of one reason for her still choosing Snoop: she knew she’d be missing him.

We witnessed their adorable 'kilig' smiles when Snoop invited Irene to lunch. While Irene rejected his invitation to avoid complicating her feelings, we, viewers, couldn’t help but swoon when Snoop said he just wanted to spend time with her that’s why he was asking her out for lunch.

Love is a funny thing. One day, you’ll be annoyed with a person’s presence. The next, you appreciate all the good things about them. We bet you were smiling from ear to ear during that scene where Irene shared her feelings of being left out by her family. And then there was Snoop, being all sweet, saying he used to see her as ‘maldita’ like everyone else did, but he came to know the real her. The truth is he thought she would have made a great mother if her pregnancy scare had turned out to be real.

And what about when they low-key ‘flirted’ as she visited her at the police station? She jestingly blamed him for turning her into someone who actually feels for Caroline (Belle Mariano). Impressed by Irene’s newfound empathy, Snoop jokingly said he’d own up to this change and even own her heart as well. Irene then turned to the jail guard, “Pulis, may malandi! Pakikulong!” LOL.

If love sees your potential to become a better person, then it’s definitely what Snoop and Irene feel for each other. Show your love for SnoRene all the way to the finale of “Can’t Buy Me Love!”