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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
DonBelle acting in Can’t Buy Me Love

With a story that resonates with a more mature audience, “Can’t Buy Me Love” showcases Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano’s dramatic skills. Recently, the love team has been trending topics on social media due to scenes that elevate their acting prowess to a higher league, seemingly transitioning from cute teenagers to mature young adults as they give viewers real acting talent beyond just the ‘kilig’ factor. 

Re-watch their big moments as Bingo and Caroline/Ling via this Kapamiya Toplist video. 

Always better together, the two shine in their confrontation scenes, illustrating the essence of give-and-take as co-actors. The first clip in this video montage shows Bingo and Ling arguing about who between them is bossier, with him asserting that she's equally bossy but she only presents it more elegantly with the way she speaks. He mentioned that Caroline couldn't simply accept that Aunt Cathy (Celeste Legaspi) trusts him more as the warehouse supervisor. 

Their short stint in Aunt Cathy’s warehouse was fraught with conflict as they clashed over their opinions. Caroline also couldn’t swallow the idea of having Bingo as her boss, confident that she’d make a better manager. Tensions reached a boiling point when Caroline's tough leadership style offended the other workers, and when she refused to back down despite Bingo’s order to apologize. 

And who could forget the time when the seemingly unbreakable Caroline broke down and allowed herself to appear vulnerable in front of Bingo? She opened up about her miserable life and relationship with her family. 

The depth of their characters’ trauma requires organic talent to make it believable. Remember the moment when Bingo encountered his mother, Annie (Ina Raymundo), for the first time since she abandoned him as a child? He was too stunned to speak when the woman who emerged from the car that hit him turned out to be his mother. Donny needed no dialogue, rather, he let his eyes do the talking to convey his shock and pain. 

Later, he exploded with anger while discussing the incident with Lola Nene (Nova Villa) and Monching (Ketchup Eusebio). He was furious that his mother hadn't even attempted to search for him, given her wealth and influence. What hurt him even more was the fact that she didn’t even recognize him. 

We loved how Belle combined anger with feminine grace in the scene where she confronted Pato (Tart Carlos), the woman claiming to be a witness to her mother's murder. She learned her father’s skeletons and the huge possibility that her stepmom was involved in her biological mother’s death. Belle’s quiet rage as she absorbed Pato’s revelations was deeply affecting yet mesmerizing to watch. 

She also made waves on social media when she engaged in a one-versus-all confrontation with her family comprised by seasoned actors Agot Isidro (portraying Cindy) and Rowell Santiago (portraying Wilson) as her parents, and Kaila Estrada (as Bettina), Maris Racal (as Irene), and Albie Casino (as Charleston) portraying her siblings. Here, Caroline dropped the major truth bombs she learned from Pato then exploded into full-blown fury when her wicked stepmom and stepsisters, and even her dad, tried to invalidate her feelings by telling her to let go of the past. Complete with throwing her bag at the ‘mean girl’ Irene and smashing a plate to get everybody’s attention, Belle delivered a performance worthy of a standing ovation.

Returning to teamwork, Donny and Belle delivered raw emotions in the scene where they both cried in the rain. Caroline was pushing Bingo away, traumatized by the realization that she had placed her trust in the wrong people—her own family. Despite her resistance, Bingo insisted that he would be on her side and that she could always rely on him for comfort and help in finding answers to her questions.

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