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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Kaila & Rafael Can’t Buy Me Love Toplist

Some parts of their “story” might be games and deceit, but we can’t deny that Bettina (Kaila Estrada) and Sherwin (Rafael Rosell) have enthralled viewers with their sizzling chemistry in “Can’t Buy Me Love.” 

We also credit Kaila and Rafael’s acting skills, which make the sexual tension and complicated ‘situationship’ between their characters a lot more convincing. Re-watch their scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist video.

This plotline was set into motion when Bettina and Sherwin bumped into each other at a resort. By the sound of their small talk, it was clear they were familiar with one another, likely due to their status as successful entrepreneurs. The attraction was strong on Bettina’s part, evident in her little smile when Sherwin introduced her son, Nathan, and hinted that he’s separated from the child’s mother.

They look good together, so much so that we’re seated despite our concerns about Sherwin’s ties to the vengeful Annie (Ina Raymundo). Their flirting moves at the New Year’s Eve party were nothing short of spicy, and then emotional intensity was added into the mix when Bettina confessed that she’s attracted to Sherwin.

Unable to resist Sherwin’s charm, Bettina would kiss him in the next scene. He was stunned, and the push and pull drove Bettina crazy, leading to a night of intimacy.

Following their sexual encounter, Bettina, the determined woman that she is, proposes to Sherwin that they could transform their ‘thing’ into a mutually beneficial situation. Hence, they agreed that he would help her obtain the CEO position at GLC while she would aid him in acquiring shares in the company.

Bettina and Sherwin’s off-the-charts chemistry makes it easy for viewers to turn a blind eye to the schemes involved in their ‘situationship.’ Admit it, you felt ‘kilig’ when she joined him and Nathan on an arcade date and easily won the young boy’s heart through her skills at the claw machine. Sherwin smiling from the sidelines while watching Bettina and Nathan somehow made us hope for a happy ending for them as well.

When she doubts, all he must do is kiss her. Sherwin knew how to shut Bettina when he sensed her uncertainty while discussing his acquisition of more shares at GLC, leading to a steamy encounter inside his office.

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