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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Jersey as Loyal BFF Can’t Buy Me Love

Caroline (Belle Mariano) may feel like she’s isolated and unloved, but the truth is that despite life being harsh at times, she is still blessed with people who genuinely care for her, including her best friend, Jersey (Chie Filomeno).

If only we could give out a Most Loyal Bestie Award, it would unquestionably go to Jersey. Watch these scenes compiled by Kapamilya Toplist showing Jersey as a dependable friend to Caroline in Can’t Buy Me Love.

Jersey came to the rescue when Caroline was expelled from the Tiu mansion.  From the beginning, she’s proved to be the kind of friend who would drop everything to be there for you in times of trouble.

As the BFF, she's deeply concerned about Caroline's heart, particularly when it comes to romance. In one scene, she assumed that Caroline bringing Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) to a hotel room meant she was playing games with THE stranger, prompting her to warn her best friend about boys.

A true friend can read your emotions through your face because they know you so well. Even when Caroline insisted that she was fine and just set up a BFF date because she missed Jersey, the latter looked at her with a compassionate gaze and gently pointed out that she could tell Caroline was stressed. She did her best to make Caroline feel better, but without forcing her to open up when she was not ready.

As a loyal friend, she willingly became involved in Caroline’s risky investigations about her abduction and the truth about her mother’s death. “Ling, ako yung natatakot sa iniisip mo at iniisip mo pang gawin,” she said, aware that her friend would go to great lengths, even endangering herself, to get the answers she needs.

We found it cute when the two swapped clothes and pretended to be each other, so they could outsmart Caroline’s bodyguards, granting her the freedom to conduct her investigations without obstruction.

It was also charming how Jersey kept on teasing Caroline about the possibility for her to fall in love with Bingo, noticing the affection in Caroline's voice during their phone conversations. Interestingly, despite Caroline's denial, Jersey observed subtle changes in her behavior whenever Bingo was mentioned, such as casually selecting a blue dress from the rack, a color she rarely wore. As a supportive best friend, Jersey encouraged Caroline to open her heart to love.

We hope Caroline listens to her BFF, right?

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