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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Caroline & Bingo Can’t Buy Me Love

There’s nothing that could rival the magic of the early stages of romance – that ‘kilig’ period where two people enjoy each other’s company and might soon start catching feelings. We can sense that Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) and Caroline (Belle Mariano) are already at this point of their potential love story in “Can’t Buy Me Love” – proof are their sweet moments which Kapamilya Toplist compiled in this video. 

The beauty of this ‘kilig’ stage lies in its subtlety – the unexplainable warmth that envelops two individuals during their interactions. The first scene shows Bingo dropping by Caroline’s workplace and bringing her a box of hopia, which he says was a gift from Lola Nene (Nova Villa). 

This must be the period where you think about ways to make the other person happy, like how Bingo introduces Caroline to new adventures whenever she is stressed out. One time, when she insisted on compensating Bingo for his help, he suggested an alternative payment – a date with him. Taking her to a ‘perya,’ he introduced her to his world where she would feel safe and free. They enjoyed the local rides and the experience of eating ‘balut.’ In a cute gesture, Bingo asked the people around them to cheer for Caroline as she tried something new.

Then, they toured around Binondo, with Caroline riding on Bingo’s ‘kuliglig.’ As rain began to fall during their road trip, he offered her an umbrella, only for it to be caught in the wind. In that moment, Bingo playfully encouraged Caroline to embrace the spontaneity of the rain, teaching her the joy of taking things easy. 

He takes on the role of her knight in shining armor, dedicated to shielding her from the ‘dragons’ in her life. There was one time when he intercepted a paper clincher Aunt Cathy (Celeste Legaspi) hurled at Caroline, sustaining a wound on his chest. After that incident, Caroline asked Bingo to take off his shirt, so she could inspect his injury. We held our breaths as they let their gazes linger, with Bingo’s touch on Caroline’s hand adding palpable tension in the air. 

His unwavering concern provides her with a sense of security during episodes of panic attacks. Rather than trying to fix her emotions, he assures her of his constant presence. In one scene, he sang her the song that his mom used to sing to him whenever he was scared. 

We end this video montage with Bingo’s accidental confession, wherein,  sleep-talking, he cupped Caroline’s face and unwittingly admitted that he’s starting to develop feelings for her. Upon realizing what just happened, he pretended to have fallen deeply asleep.

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