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10 gigil scenes of Caroline’s wicked stepfamily in “Can’t Buy Me Love”

Caroline (Belle Mariano)’s life in the trending DonBelle series “Can’t Buy Me Love” is comparable to a fairy tale. And like in every fairy tale, there’ll be a handsome prince charming. But there are wicked witches too. In Caroline's world, they are none other than her evil stepsisters Bettina (Kaila Estrada) and Irene (Maris Racal), backed up by their equally cruel mother Cindy (Agot Isidro).

Watch how they make her life a living hell in these scenes compiled by Kapamilya Toplist.

Dismayed by the arrival of the young Caroline in their home and into their lives, Bettina and Irene would terrorize their stepsister by ruining every tangible memory of her mom, who is said to have died of suicide. One time, Irene used Caroline’s media player without permission and purposely dropped it in the pool when Caroline tried to take it back saying it’s one of her mother’s last precious gifts. A physical fight ensued, which Bettina broke before pushing Caroline into the pool.

Angered over her broken gadget, young Caroline listened to her half-brother Charleston (Albie Casino)'s advice to also destroy Bettina and Irene’s stuff as revenge. Cindy arrived home and found her two daughters lamenting their broken toys and bags. She went to Caroline’s room and feigned gentleness until she could no longer hide her fury. She thought Caroline needed a refresher on some household rules, and number one, Cindy said, “Never ever hurt my children.”

Obviously, Bettina and Irene got their violent tendencies from their mother, who, in another scene, ruthlessly pushed Caroline when the latter insisted on visiting her mom’s grave.

Their cruel nature would only become harsher through time, turning Caroline broken and scarred, and her heart cold and rigid. At present time, we meet an even more vicious Irene, and she’s itching to get rid of Caroline.

Bettina’s engagement celebration turned into a catfight party. The first round of squabble flared up when Caroline accidentally bumped into Irene, causing the latter to spill champagne on her own dress. Irene spitted out insults at Caroline, such as telling her to also kill herself like her mom did. But this version of Caroline is more ‘palaban,’ so she pushed Irene, who wasn’t able to recover from that embarrassing fall as Stephen (Darren Espanto) came back to stop the altercation.

Then, it was Caroline versus Bettina in the second round, which transpired when Bettina caught her fiancé Edward (Enzo Pineda) chasing Caroline. The stoic Caroline would’ve just kept silent had not Bettina humiliated her by accusing her of flirting with Edward. Triggered, Caroline calmly revealed to Bettina, and all the nosy guests watching the scene, that she just caught Edward and Bettina’s best friend Liv (Rhen Escano) kissing. Unfortunately, Bettina didn’t want to believe and instead poured her anger on Caroline.

These wicked queens are ruthless on their own, but even more so when they join forces against Caroline. They ganged up on her the next morning when she refused to apologize to Edward’s family. Bettina slapped her twice, but she didn’t react.

The conflict heightened after Caroline’s abduction, for which she suspected Edward, and then Irene. Of course, Bettina had violent reactions and told her to just disappear for good. Much to her dismay, even their dad Wilson (Rowell Santiago) didn’t want to believe.

Caroline’s hunches about Irene intensified when she heard the latter talking on the phone, saying, “Ang importante wala na si Caroline.” She talked to Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) about this, who couldn’t fathom that Irene would dare kidnap her sister. Caroline said it wasn’t the first time Irene dragged her into trouble, rehashing that time when Irene stole her identity to scheme other people. And when confronted about the scheming incident that caused Caroline to spend a day in prison, Irene played dirty by destroying Caroline's mother's bracelet.

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