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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
10 cute DonBelle scenes in “Can’t Buy Me Love” that brought loads of kilig to our hearts

They bicker a lot but, for sure, they will manage to capture each other’s hearts. We feel ‘kilig’ just imagining how Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) and Caroline (Belle Mariano) will grow from frenemies to lovers. However, considering the mysteries that envelop their fated encounter, we think it will take more time before we get to the real thing. But we’re not complaining, right? The truth is we’re enjoying this stage of bickering and catching feelings.

With that, here’s a Kapamilya Toplist that compiles CarGo’s cute bickering scenes.

Forced to take the beautiful stranger under his wing to secure the money he gave their kidnappers in exchange for letting them flee, Bingo had his fair share of ‘sakit-ulo’ moments, as Caroline acts out her rich-girl lifestyle.

One of our favorite scenes is that of Bingo introducing himself to her inside the taxi and his hilarious reaction when she said that people call her Ling. Then he got so comically shocked upon seeing that the taxi fare ballooned by almost P5000, giving birth to his expression, “Anak ng panty!” When asked why, Caroline casually said that the taxi waited while she finished her errands and then ordered Bingo to give the driver a good tip, making a word that she would pay him in time.

Funny things happen whenever she reveals her ‘sosyal’ ways, like when she asked for “twenty” to buy shampoo. He was more than happy because, for the first time, Caroline asked for an amount he could readily afford. But much to his surprise, she said that she meant twenty thousand pesos for a shampoo. Who else laughed out loud over Bingo’s blank reaction when she thought he owns a debit card?

Since they crossed paths, Bingo has found himself in a new surge of problems dealing with Caroline, whose stoic personality makes her too difficult to read. Apart from that, she owes him money, which is why he couldn’t just disappear from her life. So, he gave her options when she refused to back-ride on his motorcycle. Read: “Pwede kang sumabit sa jeep. Pwede kang makipagbatok-batok sa bus o masagi sa MRT.” Then, it would be impossible not to notice how he turned soft toward her when she finally surrendered because she was left without a choice.

DonBelle naturally coats their scenes with old-school charm. In one clip, they quietly argued when she got a suite room for them to stalk Liv (Rhen Escano). There was also this charming argument when he spent a few hours at the police station for interrogation, yet she didn’t seem to care at all.

Beyond the ‘asaran’ lies genuine concern though, shown in that scene where Bingo forcibly hugged Caroline to hide her from her kidnappers, who were just lurking around.

There was a time when she asked him to flirt with Irene (Maris Racal) at a party as part of their sleuthing. Butterflies soared high when they video-called each other, and to save herself from the prying ladies, he pretended to be talking to his ‘babe.’ Sparking off another round of kilig was when she insisted on updates, then he talked about breaking up so Irene would not act suspicious. We were blown away, as Caroline was, when Bingo reacted, “Nagseselos ka ba?” so she’d stop pestering him in his secret mission.

Bingo’s playful ‘hirits’ complement Caroline’s calm, keeping their scenes all the more delightful to watch.

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