• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Can’t Buy Me Love Off-Cam Kulitan w/Alora

This “ayuda” is brought to you by Alora Sasam.

Whenever we watch our favorite DonBelle series “Can’t Buy Me Love,” the screen fills with gripping drama, especially in recent episodes. But what happens behind the cameras is a different story – one brimming with enjoyable and genuine energy. The cast also has their own crazy fun moments like what we share with our barkada when boredom strikes

Have a fun day in the company of the “Can’t Buy Me Love” stars by diving into Alora’s vlog.

As seen in the video, Alora heads to ABS-CBN where the cast is scheduled for a content shoot before their Thanksgiving party later that evening. As she steps into the room, Belle Mariano is spotted getting her hair styled while Kaila Estrada is keeping her company

Proving herself to be the life of the party, Alora makes the mood alive by sharing her hilarious first snow experience, which her co-stars apparently saw via videos she shared on social media.

With Darren Espanto in attendance, his co-stars request a song number, with Kaila reacting like she is one proud manager. Joao Constancia, Karina Bautista, Vivoree, and Gello Marquez add to the lively atmosphere. Donny Pangilinan arrives, and his priority is, of course, to look for Belle.

Boredom strikes as they wait to be called for their shoots. To keep themselves busy, they come up with spontaneous activities like Kaila’s mock audition for a singing contest. Then, while Darren raids Kaila’s bag, Joao remembers he needs to borrow her charger – it doesn’t get any more relatable than this. The vlog also reveals Darren’s sweet gesture of providing lunch for the group.

Donny had an intriguing story to share about their latest taping sessions, hinting that his character, Bingo, will undergo a physical transformation in the upcoming episodes. We can’t wait for Bingo’s clean-cut era! Meanwhile, when asked by Alora about her favorite scene in the series, Karina recalls the moment when her character, Bougie, confessed her feelings to Bingo.

Following their individual shoots, the group gathers for a game that turns out to be a total riot – something we should all watch out for!

As they wrap up, Darren buys coffee for everyone. But his generosity doesn’t end there as the group decides to ride in his car, with him taking the wheel, as they head to the Thanksgiving party.