• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Marisa and Anthony ending for SnoRene

In their recent interview with Luis Manzano in “Luis Listens,” Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings didn’t fail to amuse us anew as they opened up about their team-up and impeccable portrayals of their now-iconic characters Snoop and Irene, a.k.a. “SnoRene” in “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Aside from his way of heeding the insistent demand of his “Luisteners” or avid viewers, the host confessed that he also wished to have them on his YouTube channel since he’s a big fan of their tandem, too. Thus, he was so thrilled and thankful that they accepted his invitation for an interview even though they were busy taping. In fact, this episode was even shot in one of their locations, which was at the Tiu Mansion.


Their lighthearted conversation commenced with Anthony and Maris recounting that they actually didn’t approach nor talk to one another during the look test and media conference of the series. Luis found this very surprising since those were the moments when they were supposed to show people that they have the chemistry. But the two credited one another’s commendable acting skills that made it possible for them to build a seamless connection onscreen.

Prior to having a scene together, Maris recalled watching Anthony’s scenes with Donny Pangilinan first and being impressed with his chops in doing adlibs that really worked in each scene he did. On the other hand, the fast-rising actor related that he’s been amazed by her performances even in her previous works.

Their characters Snoop and Irene may be polar opposites, particularly when it comes to their socio-economic status, but they firmly believe that the convergence of their humor is what makes them jive.


The pair further imparted that the love angle of their characters wasn’t disclosed to them during the character briefing. Maris was only told that she’s the “black sheep” of the family who’s cruel towards Caroline (Belle Mariano), so she really expected to become a “super kontrabida” and really conditioned herself for it. Anthony, on the other hand, confessed that there were instances already when he was called out for injecting too many adlibs, which he humbly accepted since he’s aware that making jokes is a hit-and-miss.

When asked how they feel about their shenanigans getting viral on social media, Maris said, “Natutuwa ako kasi naha-happy sila sa mga eksena namin. Kasi kami, kapag ginagawa namin ‘yon, happy din kami.” It also helps that she’s been featured in a lot of memes already, as implied by Anthony, making her the “Queen of Memes.” She went on to add, “Natutuwa ako na nakukuha nila ‘yong vibe na gusto rin namin iparating sa kanila kasi ang characters namin nasa stage na gusto na nila ‘yong isa’t isa pero sobrang in denial.”

As Luis mentioned that his most favorite scene of “SnoRene” was when Snoop gave Irene a basket full of vegetables, Maris related that they were actually trying their best to conceal their kilig in order to further exude more and genuine kilig. They also recounted their “rubbing of ice” scene, which they almost failed to film completely because they weren’t able to control their laughter.


They also talked about their favorite scene, which for both of them was the “truck at the eskinita scene” where Irene offered Snoop 5,000 pesos to continue delivering liquors to her in Bulacan. They divulged that it was actually the first time that they got genuinely kilig while doing a scene. It actually took them a few takes because Maris wasn’t able to control the kilig she was feeling at that moment. It might be a simple and subtle scene, but Luis told them that it indeed hit him right to the core.


Even though they chose not to approach one another during the press con of their series and this is their first time working with each other, they revealed that the two of them already met before twice. She might not remember it, but Anthony shared that his first-ever encounter with Maris was in an episode of the online show “We Rise Together” where he got to interview her. What she could only remember was when he ‘snubbed’ her during the ABS-CBN Christmas Special in 2022 while they were at the same dressing room.

Working together for several months now has allowed Anthony to personally witness how truly a gregarious and kind person Maris is towards everyone around her, as well as how mas makulit she is than him. She, on the other hand, is impressed by how he’s the same person on-and-off-cam.

As Jake Ejercito’s character Aldrich gets in the way of their romance, this will further highlight the tremendous efforts of their characters in hiding their romantic feelings for one another. Anthony also warned Jake in jest, “Alam kong parehas tayong mestiso, pero huwag ka nang umasa. Mas maputi ka lang sa akin.”


When asked what kind of ending they wish Snoop and Irene are going to have, they both wish for their thwarted pregnancy and the triplets to come true because they are well-aware that their ardent shippers got frustrated about it. Luis admitted that he’s actually one of those who anticipated Irene’s pregnancy test result, joking that he even prioritized it more than his daughter Peanut.


Napakasarap maging artist, alam na alam n’yo ‘to. Napakasarap maging celebrity if you will. Pero isang feeling na trine-treasure ko, napakasarap maging fan,” Luis remarked as he capped off their interview. “Iba ang feeling na maging fan, at iba ang feeling ko ngayon na nakausap ko kayo dahil fan ako ng tambalan nina Snoop and Irene. In fact, hindi po staff ko, ako talaga ang kumukulit sa kanila para magawa ‘tong interview na ‘to.”

The Kapamilya host went on to add that the pair reminded him of the dynamics that his tandem with Anne Curtis used to have during their “Kampanerang Kuba” and “Dyosa” days.

Maris and Anthony, a.k.a. “MaThon,” expressed their gratitude and love to everyone supporting them, and invited everyone to support their upcoming project, which was a result of the people’s clamor.