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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
BingLing Scenes Can’t Buy Me Love

Romantics at heart know that there’s nothing more kilig than love in its early stages, a love that’s ‘getting there’ but hasn’t quite fully bloomed yet. Sounds like Bingo and Caroline of “Can’t Buy Me Love,” right?

Brought to life by the electric chemistry of Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, Bingo and Ling’s current narrative delivers kilig in droves, painting the thrill of a connection that’s getting deeper and deeper. 

Every day is Valentine’s Day with BingLing’s romantic moments compiled in this Kapamilya Update video. 

This must be the M.U. period where you think about ways to make the other person happy, like how Bingo introduces Caroline to new adventures whenever she is stressed out. One time, when she insisted on compensating Bingo for his help, he suggested an alternative payment – a date with him. When he brought her to a wild and exhilarating ride, Caroline instinctively reached out and grasped Bingo’s hand tightly out of fear. Who else felt the ‘spark’ come alive in this scene? 

Then, they toured around Binondo, with Caroline riding on Bingo’s kuliglig. This must be a fun date idea to try, right? 

Hearts fluttered (ours and BingLing’s) in that moment where he intercepted a paper clincher Aunt Cathy (Celeste Legaspi) hurled at Caroline, causing bruises on his chest. After that incident, Caroline asked Bingo to take off his shirt, so she could inspect his injury. We held our breaths as they let their gazes linger, with Bingo’s touch on Caroline’s hand adding palpable tension in the air. For a fleeting instant, time stood still until Bingo recoiled in surprise. 
Sparks also flew with Bingo’s accidental confession, wherein, sleep-talking, he cupped Caroline’s face and unwittingly admitted that he’s starting to develop feelings for her. Upon realizing what just happened, he pretended to have fallen deeply asleep on a bench outside the cafe. 

Audiences were on the edge of their seats with excitement as Caroline narrowly escaped the security while investigating inside Edward (Enzo Pineda)'s condo unit. Once again, Bingo played the hero by taking Caroline inside a closet. The two got so close to each other, with the tension heightened by her 
fear of an insect inside the closet. 

They managed to escape, with Bingo asking Caroline to jump off from the balcony, assuring her that he would be there to catch her without fail. Aww. 

Kilig also poured down, alongside the rain, in that unforgettable scene where they stumbled into a muddy patch. Surprisingly, Caroline didn't panic as she usually would; instead, she embraced the moment and enjoyed playing in the rain with Bingo – this must be love. 

A telltale sign of falling in love is getting lost in a ‘slowmo’ moment, which Caroline experienced when Bingo rushed towards her upon arriving at their designated meeting spot.

These scenes are keeping us excited for what lies ahead in our rose-colored BingLing world! Will they finally muster up the courage to get real about their obvious feelings? 

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