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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Donny and Belle talk about the traits they share with their “Can’t Buy Me Love” characters

In an exclusive interview, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano shared with us what it was like working on their first full-length series, “Can’t Buy Me Love,” so far.

They also talked about the traits they share with their onscreen characters. And on their third time gracing the Metro cover, DonBelle showed kilig-inducing closeness that mirrors how much they enjoy working with each other.

Their latest project, “Can’t Buy Me Love,” not only captivates audiences but also showcases their dedication to pushing boundaries. For Donny and Belle, it's not just about acting for them; it's about reinventing characters, breaking barriers, and surprising their fans with every project.

Exploring Caroline’s strength, loyalty, and the unexpected twists in her character has been both challenging and fulfilling for Belle. As she brings Caroline to life, the contrasts between the two are intriguing. Caroline’s layers, shaped by trauma and experience, makes her a challenging character to portray.

Caroline is on a different level and is something new for this child star-turned-leading lady. In a way, she takes on the bida-kontrabida mold, and Belle couldn’t have been happier to have this opportunity to shape and disappear into a character that’s both familiar and has a lot of surprises up her sleeve.

Donny took us into the creative process behind bringing Bingo to life, showcasing the collaborative efforts of the team and the dedication that went into the portrayal of this captivating character. From the bustling streets of Binondo, where Donny and director Direk Mae Cruz-Alviar simmersed themselves incognito, to the meticulous research that went into understanding Bingo’s world, every detail was crafted with passion.

This immersive experience allowed Donny to absorb the essence of Bingo, shaping his portrayal into something genuine and relatable. And for the first time, exclusively revealed on Metro. Style, Donny shared a personal touch he added to connect to Bingo on a deeper level.

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