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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
DonBelle enthusiastically responds to personal, career-related questions from fans

There’s definitely no doubt that Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, collectively known as DonBelle, are among the hottest stars and the formidable loveteam of this generation. And on their third year as an onscreen pair, they are bestowed their first-ever teleserye – Can’t Buy Me Love– which has been filling our weeknight primetime viewing with kilig and excitement.

Thus, it didn’t come as a surprise when they were tapped to grace the cover of Metro again for its November 2023 issue, which depicted their “new bold era.” And aside from mesmerizing us with their high-fashion shots and endearing us with their responses in this exclusive interview, DonBelle also thrilled their dear “Bubblies”, or what their ardent supporters are called, as they earnestly responded to some of the questions they sent to Metro, as seen in this video.

The video commenced with Metro having DonBelle reminisce about their top favorite encounters with their fans. Donny recounted meeting a Filipino supporter during their work trip to Milan, Italy for ASAP Natin ‘To in September, who showed them a hardcopy of his/her thesis in which he/she mentioned them in the acknowledgments page by writing, “I would like to thank Donny and Belle for being my inspiration.”

Belle, meanwhile, couldn’t forget one of her fans probably based abroad, who came here to the Philippines just to watch her “Beloved” concert last May. And they chanced upon her again in Italy, which they found really insane.

Moving on to the fan questions, they were initially asked regarding the most unforgettable and favorite romantic scenes they’ve shot together. Donny revisited that scene from their film debut “Love Is Color Blind,” wherein his character Ino told Belle’s Cara “The only color in my black and white is you.”

Not wanting to be biased, Belle mentioned one favorite scene from each of the projects they did together, such as the motorcycle scene of their characters Ayef and Manny in their big screen debut “An Inconvenient Love,” while it’s the underwater scene of Bingo and Caroline for Can’t Buy Me Love.

And speaking of Can’t Buy Me Love, the tandem also paired fun facts from that particular trending scene wherein Bingo dropped Caroline out of fright of being caught by Lola Nene (Nova Villa), as a lot of viewers were apparently amused by it.

According to Donny, Belle initially thought the first take was going to be a wide shot and that they wouldn’t do it yet. That’s why she was totally surprised when he dropped her upon their director’s instruction. Belle indeed fell on the floor and got a bit hurt on her foot so she uttered “Ah!” Instead of getting distressed, she even asked him to do it again for she had enjoyed it, thus taking them three or four takes.

As “Bubblies” seem to can’t get enough of Bingo and Caroline, they ask DonBelle what their well-loved characters are likely to give each other as gifts.

Donny assumes that Bingo would give Caroline free OPIP (Online Piso Insurance Policy) insurance, which, as avid viewers know, is something very personal to him and is a big thing for him since he never gives out anything for free.

In return, Caroline would give him a job in their family company because she knows how it could help him big time, as well as a hair tie for his long mane. Donny teases her to give him a big bike instead since their wealthy family could afford it anyway, which he immediately takes back since he loves his “kuliglig” so much. At the same time, Belle says that Caroline is not the type to spoil a guy. They also agree with the interviewer that a yacht could be a great gift, too.

When asked about the last time they’d tried something new and what they learned from it, Donny said that it would be Can’t Buy Me Love since this is their first teleserye together as they get to learn new stuff everyday. Belle seconded it by adding how their previous characters, which are relatively more mature than the previous ones they portrayed, have taught them a lot, too. And they sincerely look forward to knowing more about them and learning from them

With regard to the bucket list items they want to tick off before 2023 ends, Belle wishes to ride a hot air balloon, which startles Donny and teases her that she has a lot of time. On the other hand, Donny would want them to have an action scene together, which he deems is the most feasible now and would really challenge them.

And lastly, for the one question they would want to ask each other, DonBelle had quite a hard time since they divulged that they don’t hesitate to ask whenever they have questions to one another. Belle was quite serious in quizzing him about what he would likely tell or advise Bingo, to which he retorted, “Don’t blame yourself for your mother leaving you.”

Donny initially scrutinized her makeup in jest and then attempted to ask her about the specific thing she misses the most in her regular life now that they’re on the set everyday, but Belle reminded her that he already asked her that question.

Thus, he simply returned to her the same question that she asked him, to which she impressively responded, “Don’t be too hard on yourself. Learn how to accept people and know that your emotions are valid and what you’re feeling is valid. It may not be acknowledged as much by the people around you, but then, I know you have courage and I know you have the willpower to get through what you’re going through. And you’ll find Bingo naman, so it’s okay.”

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