• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
KChat Play Or Draw Challenge with Darren

We usually hear Darren Espanto's thoughts expressed through the songs he writes, or we catch glimpses of his personality during his on-stage performances. But this time, we'll get to understand him on a deeper and more personal level as he takes on the "Play or Draw" Challenge on Kapamilya Chat.

In this challenge, he'll go through a list of scenarios and respond with "play" if he can relate or "draw" if he cannot.

We start by asking whether he's the type to dominate decision-making, to which he acknowledges as a "play," because first and foremost, he is obsessed with planning. He mentioned keeping a planner on his phone and trying to stick to his schedule as much as possible, saying, "So ‘pag may hindi nasusunod, parang gumuguho ‘yung mental state ko.” However, he explained that while changes in his plans can be frustrating, he also knows how to give way, “Understanding din naman ako, eh. ‘Yun lang, minsan, I’d feel bad kapag matagal nang naplano tapos mababago o hindi na matutuloy.”

On the next question about whether he's the “makwento” type of a friend, Darren disclosed that he indeed is. He mentioned that “kwentuhan” is the usual off-cam bonding activity among the “ASAP Natin ‘To artists, especially the male artists. “Hindi naman paninira ‘yung chismis na ginagawa namin,” he playfully clarified, “Just topics that we can talk about kasi ako mismo ayaw ko mapagtsismisan, so bakit ko gagawin sa ibang tao?”

He admits to feeling guilty about purchasing luxury items but not using them. “When I see stuff, kunwari ‘pag nasa mall or personal shopper sa online or when traveling... ‘pag nakita ko lang at that moment, parang, ‘I need this,’ parang defense ko ‘yun sa sarili ko, pero after a month or two, nandito lang siya sa closet ko.” He’s already asked his mom’s help to control his impulse buying, although it might not be very effective since his mom also falls for “budol” finds. They both enjoy retail therapy. Besides, he likes treating his family to gifts, especially his dad, who rarely shops for himself.

When asked if he's the type to check in on his friends or ask "kumusta," he admitted that he is, although he’s now learning to choose his circle, knowing that he should be discerning when it comes to allowing people into his life.

He also used to be a people-pleaser, a trait his friend Cassy Legaspi called him out on, advising him that it's acceptable to be kind to everyone but not to constantly seek approval from everyone. At the end of the day, he learned that he can’t please other people, and that’s okay.

Get to know Darren by playing the video!

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