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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Can’t Buy Me Love Spill The Tea

Avid fans of Can’t Buy Me Love are certainly aware of how tightly bonded its gregarious cast members are, especially in real life, which we get to see in some of the photos and clips that they post on social media.

And we get to see their closeness and how it has evolved through the time that they’ve spent together on and off cam as they enthusiastically take on the “Spill the Tea” challenge in this video! In this fun dare, questions are asked to the cast and they have the choice of whether to answer or not. If they choose the latter, they have to take a shot of the sour and odorous apple cider vinegar.

They were initially asked what was their first impression of a co-actor and what do they think of them now. Of course, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano are asked to describe one another, but instead of their personalities in real life, they opt to talk about their well-loved characters Bingo and Caroline.

With Rafael Rosell being her love interest in this series, Kaila Estrada reveals that she has actually known him for quite some time already since he and her mom have the same talent manager. Besides, his longtime partner, Valeria Chia, has been one of the closest friends of her brother, Luigi Muhlach, so she knows her, too. Thus, she finds it amusing that they were paired with one another.

Since his character Stephen has a huge crush on Caroline, Darren is quizzed about her, whom he regards as brave and confident. The same goes with Karina Bautista whose character, Bougie, is also in a one-sided love affair with Bingo. She shares how his being industrious and goal-oriented like her in real life makes her immediately fall in love with him.

Gello Marquez then regards Vivoree’s Dara as “madiskarte” and “palaban.” while Vivoree imparts that Alora Sasam simply shows who she is in real life in her depiction of Bierna. Alora, meanwhile, recounts how she got starstruck with Nova Villa upon meeting her for the first time. She made sure to take a selfie with her because she’s been a fervent fan of Nova ever since ”Home Along Da Riles,” wherein she played the iconic role of Azon, which Alora considers as her peg whenever she plays a character with a similar personality as her.

Joao Constancia, on the other hand, confesses that he initially got intimidated by Albie Casiño, who plays his half-brother Charleston, due to his strong personality.

The Can’t Buy Me Love barkada is also asked who among their castmates they think can play their respective roles. Belle says that her onscreen sisters Kaila and Maris Racal could be effective Carolines, while Donny believes that his loveteam partner can pull off a character like Bingo. Kaila also considers Maris and Belle to be Bettina, while Darren is certain that Donny, Albie, and Joao can be his character Stephen.

For Karina and Alora, Vivoree is a great option to be their characters Bougie and Bierna, while Vivoree thinks that Maris can do Dara. Gello knows that Anthony Jennings can be Koriks, while Joao thinks the same with Albie for his character Carlo.

When it comes to the question, “Aside from yourself, who among the cast plays their role well?,” the cast has different answers. For Kaila, it’s Maris because she never fails to amuse everyone with her fascinating portrayal of Irene Tiu, while Vivoree imparts how watching Nova Villa as Lola Nene reminds her of her beloved grandma. Meanwhile, both Karina and Alora mention Anthony, while Gello and Joao think that Donny nails being Bingo. Darren is the first one to take a shot of apple cider vinegar in this game as he refuses to respond.

With regard to the certain scene that they didn’t want to do but did anyway, DonBelle recalls the times when Belle ate balut and when she fled from the scene after a live cockroach was put inside the closet they were in. For Darren, he divulges that there are times when he already questions the decision of Stephen to keep on pursuing Caroline despite having no chance at her, while Gello confesses how shocked he was when he and Donny were asked to take their shirts off and wear bras for their group’s live selling. Meanwhile, both Vivoree and Alora regret how they initially mistreated Caroline. On the other hand, Kaila, Karina, and Joao take their first shot in this round.

DonBelle also takes their first shots when asked who among them forget their lines most of the time, while the others are brave enough to name their castmates. Darren, Vivoree, and Gello plead guilty, with both Alora and Karina dropping Gello’s name, while Kaila exposes her onscreen dad Rowell Santiago. Meanwhile, Anthony is the apparent frontrunner when it comes to the cast member who delivers the greatest number of adlibs, with Alora, Maris, Donny, Chie Filomeno, and Ketchup Eusebio being the other names mentioned.

While most of them keep mum and take a swig of the apple cider vinegar instead when quizzed about who among them is the “KJ” or “kill joy,” all of them have varied responses regarding their biggest turn-on, as well as if they ever repeated underwear.

And lastly, the cast finds it difficult to name only one who they are going to miss once Can’t Buy Me Love wraps up, so some of them opt to take a shot. However, DonBelle, Karina, and Vivoree all express that they will certainly miss Nova, while Darren and Joao both say that it will be Albie.

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