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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
CBML The Priceless Finale Review

There’s an old Filipino adage that says, “Sa hinahaba man ng prusisyon, sa simbahan pa rin ang tuloy,” and this speaks true to the “The Priceless Finale” of Can’t Buy Me Love as our beloved lead couple Bingo and Caroline, impressively portrayed by Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, finally attained the happily ever after that they’ve been yearning for and that they truly deserve. 

But before getting there, we’d witnessed how they, along with their loved ones, had one hell of a ride that led to the discovery of the real culprit behind the mysterious death of Caroline’s mother, Divine (Shaina Magdayao). 

The finale week commenced with the BingLing couple going to idyllic province of Batanes to lie low and run away from everyone and everything that is trying to tear them apart. They also took that chance to enjoy each other’s company and the moment of peace and quiet as they roamed around the picturesque island and create new memories together by doing everything on Bingo’s mental bucket list. 

Unbeknown to Caroline, he was sick as his doctor found a tumor on his brain which causes his frequent dizziness and he was given the option to either undergo treatment to prolong his life or prioritize spending quality time with his loved ones. 

And it wasn’t only BingLing who was happy and in love, but the SnoRene tandem as well, especially that Irene (Maris Racal) finally confessed her feelings for Snoop (Anthony Jennings) that she’s been concealing for a long time.

While Bingo and Caroline we’re savoring their getaway, not to mention the first few moments of their engagement, the Tius had a meeting over breakfast in pursuit of getting leads to her possible whereabouts after being ‘kidnapped’ by Bingo on her supposed wedding day with Stephen (Darren Espanto). 

Little they did know that the two agreed to get married as soon as possible, which was foiled by Ibe (Cris Villanueva), who was able to track them down and caught up with them as they attempted to escape from him. They overheard him talking to someone on the phone, confirming that he indeed had an accomplice. Caroline was able to immediately inform her dad, Wilson (Rowell Santiago), about their situation when he called to check on them, and he helped them go back to Manila the quickest way possible in order to get away from Ibe. 

As Snoop admitted that he accidentally told Irene that they were in Batanes, the couple figured out that their hunch from the very beginning had been right all along – that the mastermind behind all of the mess they went through was someone from her family. They relayed this to Wilson, who found out based on his own investigations that somebody rented a private plane for him, yet the person who rented it couldn’t be traced anymore. 

In pursuit of seeking the truth and capturing the real culprit, Wilson, Caroline, and Bingo came up with the idea of putting Cindy (Agot Isidro), Gina (Ruffa Gutierrez), Carlo (Joao Constancia), and Charleston (Albie Casiño) into their trap to find out who among them is Ibe’s coconspirator. In his separate meetings with them, Wilson told them four different locations and wherever Ibe would arrive, it was him/her who was his accomplice.

While on her way out to meet with Snoop, Irene was stopped by Bettina (Kaila Estrada), who wished to meet Snoop in order to find out if he could be really trusted. She then got emotional as she expressed how she felt sorry for everything that was happening to their family and how she would always be their achi. Irene wasn’t able to resist seeing Bettina cry, so she took her with her as she visited Bingo and Caroline to bring them food at their hideout, which Snoop relayed to her. 

Of course, the couple and Wilson were surprised to find out that they were there, but Caroline still welcomed them as Irene told her that they went there to show their support. Aside from simply checking on them, Irene was also able to persuade Bettina to finally expressed her apologies to Caroline and Bingo, which Caroline accepted. 

Meanwhile, Gilbert arrived at the Tiu rest house in Antipolo, which was the location that Wilson told Cindy, and was immediately apprehended by the police officers stationed there. However, Ibe was able to escape on their way to the police station after assaulting one of the officers who accompanied him to the restroom when he told them that he had to pee.

On the other hand, Wilson, who was appalled by what he had seen, immediately left their hideout along with a few policemen to their house and have his wife arrested. He caught Cindy, Gina, Carlo, and Charleston huddling at the living room as it bewildered them that Wilson talked to the four of them separately about Bingo and Ling. Upon hearing Wilson’s explanation, Cindy was in complete shock as it dawned on her that Bettina was the true accomplice of Ibe since it was only to her to whom she disclosed the information relayed to her by Wilson. 

And this assumption was further confirmed when the viewers caught her talking to Gilbert over the phone while driving Irene’s car as she chased Bingo and Caroline who were them on their way to the police station to file a blotter report. Ibe suddenly appeared in front of them and started firing at them. Bingo managed to hit him, which caused Ibe to lose his balance. 

Bettina then arrived at the scene and helped Ibe got up, much to the shock of the couple, who immediately ran to the woods as quick as they could. Unfortunately, Bettina and Ibe were able to catch and corner them, and the most shocking confession and heartbreaking outburst of Bettina ensued. Unbeknown to Bettina, her parents and brothers were able to hear everything that she said as Bingo left his phone on call, which also got them emotional. 

Aside from admitting that it was her and Ibe who were behind the unexpected deaths of Edward (Enzo Pineda), Balong (Ronnie Lazaro), and Annie (Ina Raymundo), Bettina also divulged that it was her who really killed Divine – much to the shock of Bingo and Caroline. It happened when a furious Wilson subconsciously brought her to the house of Annie after confronting Ibe at his office for his alleged relationship with Divine. But what really fueled the wrath of the young Bettina (Jana Agoncillo) was when she heard her dad telling Divine over the phone that he was willing to leave his legitimate family just for her and their daughter Caroline to stay. 

However, it wasn’t only them who arrived at the house that fateful night. A few minutes prior to them, Charleston came there devastated and all bloodied while brandishing a knife. Divine let him in and brought him to the bathroom upstairs as she asked him to clean himself up. In the midst of Wilson and Divine’s altercation, they didn’t notice that Bettina entered the house and hid behind one of the chairs, then she was followed a few moments later by Annie, who went straight to one of the rooms to hide. 

As soon as Wilson left, Bettina revealed herself to the startled Divine and stabbed her in the stomach after uttering “I hate you.” She quickly went out of the house and was spotted by Ibe, who let her in his car. Upon hearing from Bettina what just had happened and that Annie was also there, he promised to help Bettina hide her crime from anyone, including her mom Cindy who, unbeknown to them was also there. While Cindy saw Charleston hurriedly get out of the house with blood all over his shirt, Ibe zoomed into Annie twice while she was seeking help and running away that caused her to lose consciousness. 

Learning what they did to his mom that crucial night got Bingo mad and he swiftly assaulted Ibe. The sisters quarreled at the same time, with Bettina eventually taking Caoline as hostage when the Tius, along with Snoop and Gina, arrived with the police. Bettina took the opportunity to express her frustrations and grudges to her parents and siblings, which got everyone really emotional and pushed Wilson to apologize since everything that happened was apparently all his fault.

When Bettina was about to stab Caroline, one of the police officers was alert enough to shoot her on the knee to stop her. She was rushed to the hospital, while Gilbert got arrested. Bingo was also taken to the hospital after he passed out while talking to Caroline, and that was when she, Papi (Ketchup Eusebio) and Mamang (Nova Villa) found out about his medical condition. She made him promise to undergo all the medical treatments that he needed so that they would be able to spend more time together and fulfill the last item on their bucketlist – to get married. 

But prior to that, the Tiu family visited Bettina in jail, with Caroline arriving after they left but she just stood outside the visitors’ area and looked at her. She might have not forgiven her yet, but Caroline still had nothing but love for her despite what she did to Divine and Annie. Irene then finally opened her bar she named “Stellar Lounge,” with Snoop and the Binondo barkada showing their support to her. 

After it was foiled by Ibe in Batanes, the nuptials of Bingo and Caroline finally happened, which was intimate al fresco ceremony and was attended by their family and friends. Papi and Mamang were the ones to send Bingo off, while Caroline was escorted by Wilson as she walked down the aisle. The wedding and reception montage were truly pleasing to behold as everyone was just having a good time, mingling with one another and relishing every moment after all the painful and unfortunate events that happened, which made it almost impossible for the couple to have their happy ending. 

The newlyweds then went back to Batanes to presumably have their honeymoon. While basking in the breathtaking splendor of the seascape side by side, they vowed to make a new bucket list after being able to accomplish the first that they made and to make their every moment together count for as long as they both shall live. The last episode capped off with Bingo and Caroline kissing and cuddling, then an aerial view of the picturesque scenery.

Mind-blowing performances, unexpected twists

In the past eight months, Can’t Buy Me Love indeed brought us to a thrilling rollercoaster ride as we followed Bingo and Caroline in their quest to finding out the truth behind the tragic and mysterious death of Divine, in which Annie also got involved. They may be hostile with one another in the early parts of the narrative, but that eventually changed as they got to know and spend a lot of time with each other, allowing them to see life in different perspectives and making them realize that no amount of wealth can buy them genuine love and happiness. 

Right from the very beginning, Can’t Buy Me Love indeed succeeded in capturing the attention and admiration of the viewers through its interesting storyline, striking filming locations, and compelling performances of the cast members. 

The plot and developments in the narrative in every episode apparently stirred audiences as some of us were even able to come up with theories on what really transpired that night Divine died and who’s the real culprit, as well as how the deaths of other characters happened. We might have failed to guess some correctly, but it was still good since the series succeeded in executing the plot twists and proved that it's not the typical teleserye.

The series was also able to perfectly capture life in Binondo, wherein majority of the scenes were shot, as well as the breathtaking splendor of Atok, Benguet and Batanes that made fans yearn to get in those places, too.

But what really got us hooked with the series were the astounding portrayals of the cast members. Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano were absolutely effective as their characters Bingo and Caroline despite being far from who they are in real life. Although they spent most of their together in finding evidences and leads that would help them solve the mystery, yet they’re still able to treat their ardent shippers with their kilig scenes together and undeniable chemistry. There were surely instances that made us think whether they were still acting or already for real. 

Meanwhile, the unexpected team-up of Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings as Irene and Snoop (a.k.a. SnoRene) got a lot of viewers infected with the so-called “Second Couple Syndrome” as we really wish for them to be each other’s “end game.” Many found the dynamics of their relationship amusing, cute, and relatable, so even though “Mr. Green Flag” Aldrich Co (Jake Ejercito) came into picture, we still wanted Irene to choose Snoop. Despite being their first time to work with each other, Maris and Anthony did amazing job in building their unique connection, which allowed them to effortlessly banter with one another and make us kilig in their own way. 

Of course, the supporting cast members also made outstanding portrayals of their respective roles, especially the seasoned and veteran stars who showcased their invaluable acting chops that truly helped the younger cast members further unleash their prowess. 

And speaking of younger cast members, each of them certainly did great jobs with their roles, but we can all agree that Kaila Estrada delivered the most remarkable performance, particularly in the second to the last episode wherein her character, Bettina, lashed out at her family for turning her into the monster that she became due to the lack of attention and affection that she got from them. It was apparently one of the most talked about scenes in the entire series because of how powerful, heartfelt, and relatable it was. While we could understand where she was coming from, but she obviously went over the top.

Throughout its eight-month run, the series reminded us that no amount of wealth can definitely buy us love and happiness. Even though you’re one of the richest people in the world, it will not guarantee that you’ll get those real treasures in life. We must also make the most of every moment that we have with the people who matters to us, as well as seize every opportunity that will come to us because tomorrow is never promised. And lastly, family doesn’t always mean being related by blood, as it can also be found in other people who genuinely love and value us regardless of our connections and who we are.  

With all the painful and nasty experiences that Bingo and Caroline went through, avid viewers were truly delighted that it was a happy ending for them. Such a fitting finale for the truly priceless experiences we had while watching the show. Congratulations, Can’t Buy Me Love fam!

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