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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Bingo & Snoop in Can’t Buy Me Love

Besides the main couple and all their ‘kilig’ moments, the BFF tandem of Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) and Snoop (Anthony Jennings) has been taking good vibes to the maximum level in the Kapamilya series “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

If your type of ‘kwela’ involves stupid facial expressions and effortless jokes, you’ll definitely get a kick out of Bingo and Snoop. Take a good laugh by re-watching their scenes compiled in this Kapamilya Update video!

The teleserye proves that Anthony is a natural comedian, the type who’s funny without even trying. Take, for instance, his ‘hirit’ when Bingo narrated the accident which obstructed his important task for a conglomerate. While Bingo was utterly frustrated, Snoop couldn’t help but make hilarious comments, like, “Baka may tama ka sa utak,” and calling his friend “shunga-shunga” which means stupid.

With Snoop around, Bingo’s life turns into an everyday comical adventure, such as what happened when they got a hold of Caroline (Belle Mariano), the rich young woman whom Bingo saved from an abduction which Snoop was somewhat involved with as the kidnappers’ hired driver. They carried the unconscious Caroline to Bingo’s house, and immediately let her go, causing her to land on the floor in an awkward position when Lola Nene (Nova Villa) went out of her room to investigate the noises she heard. Then they came up with a creative excuse. They said the loud knock was due to Snoop hitting something because of a bad knee injury and that they were just enjoying the night.

“Sino ‘yan, shota mo?” was Snoop’s clueless reaction when they saw Caroline approaching. Bingo replied, “’Yan ‘yung kinidnap mo,” prompting his friend to hide. Even their sense of relief exudes comedy as Caroline only wanted to ask for help in buying shampoo. “Of course,” they answered in unison.

Truly partners in crime, they started their own investigation on Caroline’s kidnapping. One time, they asked Koriks (Gello Marquez)’s help in tracing the kidnappers’ vehicle, which Koriks said belongs to a “malaking tao.” With his innate ability to splatter any situation with comedy, Snoop reacted, “Basketball player?” Then they broke into hilarious panic when Koriks revealed that the car is owned by a former high-ranking police official.

Snoop once again made us LOL when he thought of asking Caroline for half a million pesos upon learning that she’s the daughter of the rich and influential Wilson Tiu (Rowell Santiago). Bingo didn’t say a word but splashed water on his friend’s face.

Of course, we couldn’t leave out the scene where they disguised as vloggers offering free plumbing services to a household linked to Caroline’s abduction. Snoop tickled our funny bones when he told the house’s caretaker, “Sa itsura ng bahay n’yo, mukhang matagal na kayong walang flush, eh.”

Are we looking at primetime’s newest comedic duo?

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