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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
SnoRene Moments Kapamilya Update

As we follow Caroline (Belle Mariano) and Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) in their journey of unraveling the truth behind the mysterious murder of her mom, Divine (Shaina Magdayao), that has brought the female and male leads closer to one another, we have also found ourselves rooting for the second lead couple Irene and Snoop, compellingly portrayed by Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings, respectively.

Even though they were supposedly considered an accessory to the narrative itself, their charming presence, unmistakable chemistry, and amusing shenanigans and banters of Snoop and Irene, also known by their ship name “SnoRene,” have made viewers fall in love with and root for them.

And before we get to miss them as Can’t Buy Me Love bids farewell a few days from now, let’s revisit some of their sweetest and most kilig moments in this Kapamilya Update feature.

Let’s start when Snoop surprised Irene with a basketful of vegetables at the condominium where she used to stay with Caroline while still working at Auntie Cathy’s (Celeste Legaspi) restaurant. She initially declined it, but eventually accepted it when he told her that it could stimulate one’s mood. He went on to tease her that it could also be for the health of their “baby,” which got her irritated.

Irene then wasn’t able to contain her kilig while telling Snoop that it was still him whom she wanted to supply her “epektus” or alcoholic drink as Auntie Cathy assigned her to work at her warehouse in Bulacan. He was quite hesitant at first, but agreed eventually after she offered him P5,000 as payment for each week that he would deliver. But more than the money, we all know that being able to see her at least once a week was really his motivation to accept the job.

And from only being the deliverer of her “epektus”, Snoop became Irene’s colleague at the warehouse wherein their cute kulitan-slash-landian continued, with both of them trying to make one another jealous through different ways. However, their strong hidden feelings for each other still prevailed, with Snoop unable to help himself from asking Irene for them to eat lunch together one time. When she asked him, Snoop kept beating around the bush until he was compelled to admit that he simply wanted to be with her, which left Irene speechless.

Apparently, Snoop’s romantic feelings for Irene just got stronger as days went by as she even appeared in his dreams! And in the latest one, we saw them having a playful “babe time” and calling one another “Hubby Babe” and “Lovey-Wifey.”

Irene once again wasn’t able to conceal her kilig when Snoop swung by their house just to hand his peace offering for her, which was a basketful of fruits. According to Snoop, it’s his way of expressing his sincere apology for being the reason why she got fired by Auntie Cathy after both of them had a heated confrontation at the warehouse. She apologized to him as well for the same reason and pretended to hesitantly accept his gift, when she couldn’t actually contain her kilig.

Ardent SnoRene shippers were certainly moved when Snoop consoled Irene in one of her down moments, which was after her father suffered from heart attack. Thinking that she’s part of the predicament that their family was going through that moment, she couldn’t help but blame herself. But he assured that it’s definitely okay and everything would be fine eventually.

He may already be in jail, but Snoop was still able to pull off a joke on Irene during one of her visits. As she talked about feeling sorry for her sister Caroline’s harrowing situation, he teased her for finally having a change of heart towards her, which prompted her to jokingly pin the blame on him for it. He accepted it, which made Irene mock him anew for finally having the courage to own up to his crimes. But aside from that, he also pleaded guilty for taking over her heart. And that was when Irene jestingly exclaimed, “Pulis, may malandi. Pakikulong.”

Lastly, who didn’t get kilig with their first official date together, when Snoop finally put himself in serious mode in expressing his love for Irene? That happened after she told him that she already called it quits with Aldrich (Jake Ejercito), so he invited her to dine at a humble restaurant where they had siopao, mami, and soft drinks for her so-called “post-breakup pagpag.” As they talked about Caroline’s upcoming wedding with Stephen (Darren Espanto), Snoop implied that he would never let himself be married to someone he doesn’t love – and we knew that he was already throwing hints on her about his feelings for her!

As Snoop has already confessed his feelings for her, all eyes are now on Irene as we anticipate when and how she’s going to do her part! 

So, you better not miss the remaining episodes of Can’t Buy Me Love, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, and Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z, and TV5!