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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Aldrich-Irene Cant Buy Me Love KapUpdate

Avid viewers of Can’t Buy Me Love are surely aware that the affluent Tiu Family is going through a chaotic time at present as the deep and dark secrets of their family are beginning to be exposed. But aside from their family woes concerning the mysterious death of Caroline’s (Belle Mariano) mother Divine (Shaina Magdayao), each one of them has their own problems, too.

And in the case of our beloved Irene Tiu, compellingly portrayed by Maris Racal, it’s about her romantic life as she finds herself torn between two lovers – Snoop (Anthony Jennings) and Aldrich (Jake Ejercito). While many, for sure, are rooting for Snoop ever since the beginning because of their palpable chemistry and how he has borne witness to her struggles with herself and her family. Besides, we also know that it’s him to whom her heart really beats.

However, Irene is apparently confused and in denial about her feelings for Snoop, so she decides to distract herself from him by being in a relationship with her former schoolmate Aldrich, a scion of a wealthy family to whom she used to work with as ordered by Auntie Cathy (Celeste Legaspi). While we already have a hunch that he’s not going to be her end game, yet there’s probably a part of us that feels regretful since he completely radiates major green flag vibes.

Apart from his swooning good looks, there are actually more things to admire about Aldrich which we enumerate in this episode of Kapamilya Update.

First and foremost is his being an overachiever ever since both of them were still in school, which Irene mentioned on the very first time that they met. He may be three years ahead of her, but she’s still able to recognize him since he’s none other than the president of the Student Council and Debate Club, captain of the football team, and the valedictorian of his batch. And now, he manages their family business where Auntie Cathy is a partner. Very impressive, right?

Aside from being a high-flyer, Aldrich showed that he can be a knight-in-shining-armor for her, too, which we got to see when he saved her from almost all mishaps. At the same time, he also became his shoulder to lean on when she got emotional through the overwhelming stress that she felt in her new job.

Furthermore, who didn’t get kilig when Aldrich still wooed Irene even though they’re officially a couple already? Their romance might be a whirlwind one, but he wanted her to know that he was serious about her. Besides, we’re also impressed with how he pleasantly reacted when she told him that he could not formally meet her family yet given the current circumstances, instead of getting mad at her.

Our kilig indeed escalated when Aldrich surprised her on their first “official” date together, which he did in order to make her feel better. Here, he expressed how it makes him feel a bit weird that they’re already in a relationship although they are still in the “I like you” stage. But Irene assured him that it is not since who wouldn’t want to be with somebody like him who’s being true to himself, perfect, such a gentleman, and, most of all, “not kadiri”. Well, we couldn’t agree more, Irene!

Regardless if they end up together or not, supporters of Irene are arguably thankful that Aldrich came into her life as he helped her get to know herself deeper and what (or who) she really wants in life.

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