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Belle Best Scenes in Can’t Buy Me Love

Belle Mariano has been earning compliments for her outstanding performance in “Can’t Buy Me Love.” She stepped out of her comfort zone, departed from her sweet image to play her rawest and most mature role yet as Caroline Tiu. Kapamilya viewers have been keeping their eye on her entire career since she started as a child star and they have nothing but good words for her, commending her growth as an actress, especially in her latest role.

It’s just right that we acknowledge her remarkable acting prowess in this series, which is now in its finale week. Therefore, here’s a Kapamilya Toplist featuring scenes from “Can’t Buy Me Love.” where Belle delivered raw acting talent.

The depth of her character's trauma requires organic talent to make it believable. We loved how Belle combined anger with feminine grace as she confronted Pato (Tart Carlos)’s character, the woman claiming to be a witness to her mother's murder. She learned about her father’s skeletons and the huge possibility that her stepmom could be involved in her biological mother’s death. Belle’s quiet rage as she absorbed Pato’s revelations was deeply affecting yet mesmerizing to watch.

Her anguish speaks volumes without the need for words, as her pain feels palpable even in just the trembling of her hands and the haunted look in her eyes during a panic attack. As viewers, we empathized deeply with her, as if we wanted to reach through our screens and embrace her while she walked alone in the rain in one scene. Then, she started to shiver, not because of the cold but due to the sight of blood as a tree branch brushed against her arm and left a wound. All these were visceral reminders of her mother’s tragic death.

She had another trauma episode when Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) was stabbed before her eyes. Despite his injury, Bingo set aside his pain and instead focused on helping Caroline calm her nerves.

She also made waves on social media by engaging in a one-versus-all confrontation with her family. Enough with keeping her anger and pain to herself; Caroline finally unleashed her pent-up emotions in a confrontation with her her dad Wilson (Rowell Santiago), stepmom Cindy (Agot Isidro), and half-siblings Bettina (Kaila Estrada), Irene (Maris Racal), and Charleston (Albie Casiño) over breakfast.

Here, Caroline dropped the major truth bombs she learned from Pato then exploded into full-blown fury when her wicked stepmom and stepsisters, and even her dad, tried to invalidate her feelings by telling her to let go of the past. Complete with throwing her bag at the ‘mean girl’ Irene and smashing a plate to get everybody’s attention, Belle delivered a performance worthy of a standing ovation.

Of course, she also shines in scenes shared with Donny. Our hearts shattered witnessing Caroline's vulnerability as she allowed herself to break down in front of Bingo, overcome by the overwhelming longing for her mother. She said that she misses her mom, so bad that it hurts. In a raw display of emotion, she cried out the pain that weighed heavily on her heart and found comfort in Bingo’s embrace.

Returning to teamwork, Donny and Belle delivered organic emotions in that scene where they both cried
in the rain. Caroline was pushing Bingo away, traumatized by the realization that she had placed her trust in the wrong people—her own family. Despite her resistance, Bingo insisted that he would be on her side and that she could always rely on him for comfort and help in finding answers to her questions.

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