Maymay experiments with dried sinigang na baboy recipe

There is no doubt that the classic pork sinigang dish can be found at the heart of Philippine’s festive gastronomy. A bowl of its sour soup coupled with the tender meat of choice and fresh veggies is definitely a champion, the superstar of Filipino family’s casual meal time. Over the years, the traditional sinigang has evolved into different variations. In this episode of Online Kapamilya Shows “Caldero Files,” Kapamilya actress Maymay Entrata introduces the newest kid in the sinigang genealogy – dried sinigang na baboy! Yes, sinigang without the ‘asim-kilig sabaw’ we’ve all grown to love, yet just as satisfying and delicious!

Maymay takes advantage of the new normal to sharpen her innate cooking skills. So, when she finally gets the chance to be with her family again, she would have more interesting dishes to serve on the table. This dried sinigang na baboy of hers will definitely impress the familia Entrata!

The whole cooking process is divided into three main procedures – boiling, frying, and sauce-making. To start, boil the pork in water mixed with the souring agent. Add salt and pepper to taste. Boil for 20 minutes. Then, remove the boiled pork and set aside. Using the same pot and mixture, boil the vegetables (tomato, radish, okra, kangkong, green chilli) for 3 minutes. Once done, take the vegetables and save for later.

For the second set of procedures, sauté the garlic, then fry the boiled pork. Once golden brown, take the pork and set aside.

In making the sauce or roux, melt the butter in a pan. Add the flour. Whisk until the mixture forms a thick paste consistency. Pour half of the sinigang soup, then mix.

For the final step, place the pork and vegetables on a serving plate, depending on preferred plating style. Add the sauce on top for a visually enticing, heavenly appeal. The dried sinigang na baboy can now be enjoyed!

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